Advanced Nutrients Mini Quick Cure Hanging Dryer Rack

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Advanced Nutrients Mini Quick Cure Hanging Dryer Rack

The Mini quick cure drying rack is 24″ in diameter and has 4 tiers.

***Please note that the picture is of a large rack, and has 6 tiers – however the mini rack ONLY HAS 4 TIERS!!!***

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Anonymous says:

Product arrived as described, nice construction, and the clips all worked and the fact that is black and all trays very even in size and spacing made it great to use. A must to ensure airflow to product and no mold.

Anonymous says:

I used this to dry some herbs from my garden toward the end of the season. managed to capture them JUST before it would have been too late. Found a place to hang these and in a couple of weeks…dry herbs! Couldn’t have been easier. i like how you have the option of using only one or more of the trays — it’s a simple snap to attach. I had a LITTLE trouble folding them back up to fit in the neat little zippered package they’re stored in. They’re very “springy” and I just couldn’t seem to get that extra fold in there to make it small enough to fit. That’s probably my ineptness, tho, not a product defect. Just saying…if you happen to be one of those that’s challenged with that sort of thing…you may find it a bit difficult. All in all, tho, I’m perfectly happy with this and will probably plan on drying some more things next summer!

Anonymous says:

It works great for drying the herbs, but for my purposes, I really wish I could save all the little flakes and bits that fall through the holes. I will have to rig up a plastic or glass catcher for that purpose.

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