Amana 3.4 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer with Sprekle Porcelain Wash Basket, NTW4600YQ, White

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Amana 3.4 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer with Sprekle Porcelain Wash Basket, NTW4600YQ, White

Amana | There's more to your life than household tasks. That's why Amana appliances are made to help you get them done quickly and get on with your day.
Amana 3.4 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer

Product Description

Amana 3.4 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer
This traditional top-load washer features a maximum spin speed of up to 700 RPM to remove more water from clothes for shorter drying time. The advanced suspension system senses each load and stabilizes the wash basket to reduce vibration and noise, allowing you to locate the washer in living areas, upstairs or near bedrooms. Plus, a cycle status bar lets you easily see where your load is in the cleaning process and indicates when the lid is locked for safety.

3.4 cu. ft. Super Capacity
Keep up with the laundry. This 3.4 cu. ft. capacity washer makes room for more clothes in each load, so you can do fewer loads per week.

Spreckle Porcelain Wash Basket

Spreckle Porcelain Wash Basket
A smooth porcelain surface resists scratches and odors, unlike plastic tub models, protecting fabrics from snags. The basket’s spreckle gray color makes it easy to spot small items like white socks.

700 RPM Max Spin Speed

700 RPM Max Spin Speed
Drying begins in the washer. Spin speeds of up to 700 RPM help remove extra water from clothes, so they take less time to dry.

Cycle Status Bar

Cycle Status Bar
Easily see where your load is in the cleaning process with the indicator lights on the cycle status bar. Plus, it tells you when the lid is locked for safety during the spin cycle.

Advanced Suspension System
Now your washer can go places it’s never been before, like in living areas, upstairs or near bedrooms. The advanced suspension system senses each load and stabilizes the wash basket to reduce vibration and noise.

  • 9 Wash CyclesFrom delicate items to towels, you’ll be able to care for it all in this new washer with nine different cycles to choose from.
  • Automatic Temperature ControlSensors monitor the flow of incoming water, adjusting as needed to maintain the temperature you select and keep cleaning consistent. 
  • Load Size OptionWash smaller loads without the guilt. Three water level choices allow you to match water used to load size, helping to reduce water waste.
  • Delicate CycleNow you can stop hand-washing delicate garments. Slow spin speeds and a gentle wash motion effectively clean delicate items.

Front View/Side View
Washer Dimensions
Things to Consider
Measure the space for your new washer (or laundry pair) as well as any doorways or hallways the appliances must fit through.

Tip #1
Measure the space for your new washer (or laundry pair) as well as any doorways or hallways the appliances must fit through.

Make sure the floor is level, with no more than a 1

Tip #2
Make sure the floor is level, with no more than a one-inch slope.

Ensure that there are hot and cold water lines within three feet of washer hookups.

Tip #3
Ensure that there are hot and cold water lines within three feet of washer hookups.

If installing a laundry pair, determine which connection you need, gas or electric. A gas dryer will need an approved gas line with shut off valve. An electric dryer will need a three- or four-prong outlet with a 30-amp circuit.

Tip #4
If installing a laundry pair, determine which connection you need, gas or electric. A gas dryer will need an approved gas line with shut off valve. An electric dryer will need a three- or four-prong outlet with a 30-amp circuit.

Warranty Information

Limited 1 Year Warranty

Limited One Year Warranty — Parts and Labor — For one (1) year from the original retail purchase date, any part that fails in normal home use will be repaired or replaced free of charge. Refer to or the individual product Use and Care Guide for warranty details.

Product Features

  • 3.4 Cu. Ft. Super Capacity
  • Spreckle Porcelain Wash Basket
  • 700 RPM Max Spin Speed with Advanced Suspension System
  • Cycle Status Bar
  • Bleach Dispenser

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Jennifer Ray says:

Quiet washing machine cleans very well but should have more features for this price point **Note: I’ve added some photos of the washer I received to the Amazon Photo Gallery for this washer, so if you wish to see the top panel better, you can in the photos I uploaded.**My old washing machine is over 14 years old and while it still gets the job down, I believe it doesn’t agitate like it used to. For the last year, I’ve begun to steel myself for the likelihood that it might give out any day now. It is a Whirlpool Washer model LXR9245EQ1 with “extra large capacity” and has worked so well for me that a new one will have some pretty big shoes to fill. Neither the original manual nor the washer itself specify what “extra large capacity” equates to in cubic feet, but a quick call to Whirlpool’s customer service line answered that question for me – 3.0 cu. Ft.I ended up with the Amana 3.4 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer with Sprekle Porcelain wash basket model NTW4600YQ in White. I wanted a washer that at least had the same capacity as my old one and this one looks like it has a bit more. I prefer the top-load washers, so this was a good selection for me.Amazon had JB Hunt perform the delivery and installation of this washer, so I will review both the appliance itself and the installation experience, dividing each into its own section for convenience.**DELIVERY & INSTALLATION BY JB HUNT**I received a call from Jonathan at JB Hunt at 2:35 PM May 1, 2012. I wasn’t able to reach my cell phone in time to answer his call, but I phoned him back within five minutes of his voice mail. I didn’t receive an answer, but left my own voice mail for him with my work number and home number again, but didn’t hear back from JB Hunt before the end of business that day. I called again the next day at 8:49 AM and again received voice mail, so I left a second message. I finally received a return call from Jonathan at 11:22 AM.Once I actually spoke with Jonathan, he was very nice and helpful. I had hoped for an installation on the weekend or one evening, but they don’t offer those times for delivery and installation. I explained that I work about 30 minutes away from the house – when traffic is really good – and it would be easiest for me if I could have an early installation to minimize the amount of time I needed to be away from work. Jonathan assured me he would see what he could do, but he wouldn’t have the delivery schedules until the day before my installation. I was scheduled for Friday, May 04, 2012 and Jonathan did call me on May 3 to verify he was able to schedule me for a window between 6:30 AM and 7:00 AM, which was perfect. I also received an automated call from JB Hunt confirming this timeframe. The automated call hinted to me that it really wasn’t a requirement that Jonathan also call me personally to verify the time, and I appreciate that he went out of his way to do so.The delivery men called around 6:15 AM on Friday to let me know they were on their way and were about 15-30 minutes away. They arrived at approximately 6:45 AM. Terry came on in the house to scope where the washer was going. I showed him the laundry closet and also showed him the spot in the garage where I wanted the old one put. Although the Amazon order states they will haul the old one off if I need them to, I wanted to keep it since it still worked. My uncle will be taking it to his place to use soon.Robert was busy in the truck getting the washer on a dolly, and Terry returned to help him get the machine into the house. Robert stayed on his cell phone talking to someone right up to my front door where he finally told whoever it was he had to go since he was standing in front of a customer. So at least he realized it was inappropriate to be talking on his cell phone during an installation. I just think he should have finished the call before he left the truck.When Robert saw that my old washer was still in the laundry closet, he stopped and told me in no uncertain terms that his ticket stated they were only delivering a new washer and that they were not allowed to touch my old one. What’s more, he said they wouldn’t be installing the new one, only delivering it. I replied that the letter I received from Amazon confirming this delivery and installation states otherwise. QUOTE: “On the day of delivery, JB Hunt will bring the appliance into your house, install it on behalf of the manufacturer, and remove any packaging or an old appliance that you no longer want.” If you order this washer and receive a letter from Amazon advising you of these details during the delivery, I advise you to keep it close at hand in case you have a similar situation arise.I read that section of the letter to Robert, who then asked to see it. After he read it for himself, he called someone else and finally agreed to do what Amazon stated JB Hunt would be doing. He did at least apologize, which is something, but I have to say his tone and the way he went…

Media Man says:

A sturdy low-end washer but a some concerns This Amana 3.4 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer with Sprekle Porcelain wash basket, NTW4600YQ, White replaces my 9 year old Amana 3.2 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer with Sprekle Porcelain wash basket, NAV2330AW, White/Gray. My previous Amana washer suffered a ruptured drainage tube (internal) 4 months ago flooding my kitchen and dining room ceiling during a heavy wash causing $1,600 worth of damage. Needless to say I was a little hesitant about trying another Amana laundry appliance. Here are my thoughts on the Amana 3.4 cu. ft. Top-Load Washer;Pros+ Gets clothes incredibly clean.+ Extremely thorough and quiet spin cycle leaving clothes less damp resulting in a faster and more efficient drying cycle.+ Smaller in overall size and lighter (140lbs vs. 190lbs) than my old washer taking up less room in the laundry closet.+ Larger washing drum capacity compared to my old washer (3.4 cubic feet vs. 3.2 cubic feet)+ Illuminated display lights show exactly which cycle the laundry is in. However, the dial of my old machine essentially did the same thing.+ Machine remains very stable through all cycles. My old washer would run wild during the spin cycle even if it was properly balanced. I ended up putting foam packing between the machine, walls and dryer just to keep it stationary!+ Auto-locking lid mechanism when in use to prevent tampering children or other mishaps. Also a Con (See Below).Cons- No Fabric Softener dispenser. I would have expected this feature to be standard on a washer in the $400-$500 price range (this washer had a retail listing of $426 at the time of my selection). Combine having to add Fabric Softener in the middle of a load with the auto-locking lid adds another unnecessary level of frustration to use.- No Hot or Warm secondary Rinse cycles, Cold only.- Auto-locking lid mechanism. I understand this is for safety reasons (mainly for children) but not everyone has kids. For those of us who don’t, this feature is almost pointless. Not to mention highly inconvenient most of the time. In order to open the lid door you have to push the stop button wait anywhere from 5-10 seconds or a few minutes (depending on where you are in the wash cycle) before the lid will unlock. This is most tiresome if you like to have your powdered laundry detergent dissolved before you place your clothes in the washer drum to prevent damage/streaks. Or if you simply forgot to add an article of clothing. I really wish there was a way to disable this feature (perhaps a button on the back panel).- No Extra Rinse option/cycle.- Noise. In the manual it actually explains that you will hear “new sounds” with this washer and they’re really not kidding. The odd and repetitive whirring of the motor is a lot more noticeable than my old washer. Our laundry room is adjacent to our bedroom and sleeping with this washer running is difficult.- Heavy Wash cycle is 55 minutes. Now, granted the clothes come out much cleaner but that’s as long as the dryer cycle.- Plastic dials/knobs feel cheap, especially when clicking between settings. The main dial also lacks a clear indicator as to the cycle you’re selecting. One end of the dial is slightly tapered but the first time I used it I could barely tell which end was for selection. A colored line, dot, arrow or indicator would have been helpful.- Wash tub fills very slowly. The water virtually trickles in and I’ve considered disconnecting the water lines and looking for any washers to remove in hopes of speeding up the process. I know it’s not a water pressure problem in our house as all other faucets and showerheads have excellent pressure.- 1 year warranty seems very short for a large appliance. I guess that’s the hook these days to purchase the “extended warranty” which used to be standard.*JB Hunt delivery service*A representative from JB Hunt called approximately 2 days prior to my Friday delivery choice and asked a few simple questions. I was given a 4 hour window of my choice for delivery and chose from 2:30 to 6:30 PM. I was also informed that the drivers would contact me approximately 1 hour prior to delivery. I received an automated called the day before delivery as a reminder. I took a half day off from work for the delivery to occur. At 4 PM I received a call from the representative stating the drivers were behind schedule and wouldn’t be arriving with the washer until 7:30 PM and was asked if this acceptable or if I would like to reschedule. Not wanting to take more time off of work (Weekend delivery was not available) I stayed home the rest of the night waiting for the drivers to arrive. I didn’t receive a call 1 hour prior as promised from the drivers and they just arrived at approximately 7 PM. They were courteous and not at all…

A. ASRAR "madamespendalot" says:

Ok item. Terrible Customer service. I wished there was a way I could write a review on the service and also the product seprately.Product: Item works. Does what another washer would do. Washes the clothes. It is louder and has a longer wash cycle then my previous washer with similar settings, however.Service: TERRIBLE!!. I received a damaged item. The side of the washer was dented and the back plate was pushed out from that dent. I contact Amazon to see if they can do about this. Amazon said that they will contact Amana and see to it and send someone to repair the item. So knowing that it will be repaired and not exchanged or returned. I hooked up the washer and used it. The Rep for amazon never contacted me back and I never heard anything back from Amana. 2 days after the expected call back day. I called amazon back and they contacted Amana. This Amazon Rep was kind and did her best to help.Amana rejected my request for repair because it was cosmetic damage or some bologna. This item was damaged by either them or the shipper. Way to service your customer. Terrible, terrible service Amana… I am truly disappointing and unhappy with your company. Amazon was kind enough to credit some me for this issue.Thank you Amazon for being awesome.To Amana; Learn a lesson from Amazon and service your customers properly.I gave this items a 1 star rating just to get Amanas attention.. Since it seems like they respond to low 1 star ratings. In hopes maybe they will get it fixed. Updates and revisions to hopefully follow. I’ve got my fingers crossed.EDITED: I’ve emailed Amana the issue.1 week after about 3 loads in. I was washing a small load of baby clothes. This is how it sound on and off during the final spin. SEE MY VIDEO REVIEW. if you want to copy paste try this: [...]Please Amana help me. I do not know what to do. This noise is not normal…

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