Amana Traditional Electric Dryer with Automatic Dryness Control NED4600YQ

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Amana Traditional Electric Dryer with Automatic Dryness Control NED4600YQ

Amana | There's more to your life than household tasks. That's why Amana appliances are made to help you get them done quickly and get on with your day.
Amana 6.5 - Cubic Foot Electric Dryer

Product Description

Amana 6.5 – Cubic Foot Electric Dryer
Have drying options that match your wardrobe with this dryer featuring eleven cycles and three temperatures, including an Energy Preferred cycle and Air Dry option. The Wrinkle Prevent option helps put a stop to wrinkles. After the load is finished, clothes tumble intermittently without heat to help prevent wrinkles from forming. Plus, if you prefer more control, there are three timed dry choices from 20 to 60 minutes.

6.5 – Cubic Foot Capacity
With 6.5 cubic foot capacity, there’s room for more in every load so you’ll be able to finish the laundry faster and move on to things you’d rather do.

Modern Styling
Create a laundry room as chic as your wardrobe. The contemporary lines and unique accent colors on the console give you a look that’s tailored to perfection.

Wrinkle Prevent Option
Put a stop to wrinkles. After the load is finished, clothes tumble intermittently without heat to help stop wrinkles from forming.

Automatic Dryness Control
You don’t have to worry. Sensors monitor temperature, automatically stopping the cycle when fabrics are dry, to help reduce shrinking and over drying.

Energy Preferred Cycle
Dry efficiently with this automatic cycle. Help save energy by using this dryness level as a great starting point for drying most fabrics.

Timed Dry Cycles
Forgo the cycle selection, and choose a dry time that matches the load from 20 to 60 minutes.

  • 11 dryer cycles
  • 3 temperature settings
  • Super-wide opening, reversible-swing door
Washer Dimensions

Product Features

  • 6.5 Cu. Ft. Capacity
  • 11 Cycles
  • Wrinkle Prevent Option
  • Energy Preferred Cycle
  • Wide-Opening, Reversible Swing Door

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Andrea Polk "Savvy Sleuth" says:

Highly efficient, very basic Received the Amana 6.5 cu. ft. Traditional Electric Dryer with Automatic Dryness Control via the Amazon Vine product reviewer program. This opportunity gave me the chance to evaluate both the product, and the delivery and installation service from JB Hunt through Amazon.Delivery & Set-up: “Excellent!”The trucking company called approximately 5 business days prior to delivery to clarify our address, and ask where the dryer would be placed. Questions regarding location of placement had to do with how many stairs, size of doorways, etc… and the chat went quickly.We were then informed that we would be receiving an automated call that Friday (it was Tuesday when we received the call) to let us know of the time for delivery. That call came as promised and the estimate was between 10am and 2pm. The truck driver called at 9:30am to let us know he was approximately 1 hour away, and arrived 1hr and 15 minutes later.The entire process of delivery and installation took 15 minutes, which included the removal of our 15 year old Whirlpool dryer which we had them place in our garage for removal by Salvation Army – they accept donations of working appliances in our area.The delivery installers were polite and quick, having me sign for the delivery after installing the dryer and running it for a few minutes to assure it was in working order. They had unpackaged it in their truck, so no carton or debris was left behind. (I barely had time to clean the spot where the old dryer had been before they put the new one in place!)JB Hunt called within a half-hour or delivery to check on their service, and asked three quick questions about delivery and set-up. Overall, they did an excellent job and we were very pleased with the experience.One reviewer had mentioned the length of the hose from the dryer to the vent. The hose that was installed for ours is longer than the other one, but not enough to cause concern if the venting is cleaned occasionally.Product Quality and Operation: “Very Good”The Amana Traditional Electric Dryer is your basic electric clothes dryer. Not a lot of bells and whistles with this one. The quality is not `top of the line’, but it’s certainly adequate for a family of 3 or 4.On a scale from 1 to 10, the Amana is a good solid 7 in looks and build quality. I’d give it an 8 in terms of the dryer’s ability to effectively dry clothing and towels quickly without scorching them.The Test Drive:The first item to be dried – a King size comforter cover – dried in record time! Initial impression of this dryer is that it’s much more efficient than the Whirlpool `commercial’ quality old one it has replaced. Not terribly surprising due to the age of the Whirlpool (15 years) however.The dryer’s sensitivity to when the item is `dry’ seems to be a tad off.According to the directions (from Whirlpool Corporation… wondering if Amana is owned by Whirlpool), the Automatic Dry setting “senses moisture in the load or air temperature and shuts off when the load reaches the selected dryness level.”On Automatic High – Energy Preferred, the cover dried throughly in 20 minutes to my touch, but the dryer continued to dry it for another 15 minutes before shutting off.When you use the dryer in Timed Dry mode, the dryer runs for a specific time and shuts off after that time. There is no sensing as described in the Automatic Dry mode. You also don’t get automatic `toss’ activating to keep your load wrinkle free on the Timed Dry mode.A second test load of jeans and towels was done on the Timed Dry mode. After using both modes, I will be sticking with the Automatic one for most loads as it seemed to do the best job and didn’t over-cook the load.This dryer is easy to use and does a good job. The door seems a bit lightweight and it doesn’t shut easily, but the drum, controls and overall function seems solid.Pro’s:- Does the job it’s meant to do and does it very quickly.- Clean looking lines and not too tall, which means it fits under low hanging laundry room shelves.- Pricing is on par with other similar dryers.- Basic instructions and `Start’ button means anyone can use it.- Energy Preferred setting works well.- Automatic Dryness Control doesn’t cook your laundry.- Automatic `toss’ eliminates wrinkled loads.- You can install the dryer door to open from the left or right side; reverseable swing door.- Extra wide door opening.- 11 total dryer cycle options.- 6.5 cu ft size works well when used with high capacity washer wash load.Con’s:- No light inside the dryer. **If you purchase the NED4800V model, you get a light. I could only find that model on Amazon as a gas dryer, not electric.- Dryer door opens from the side;…

Bryan Carey "Bryan Carey" says:

A Fast Working, Efficient Drying Machine from Amana Drying clothes is something we take for granted and we expect our clothes dryer to get our clothing dry the first time, without the need for running another drying cycle. We expect clothing to emerge from the dryer in the same condition it went in and if our dryer can keep wrinkling to a minimum, then we have an added bonus and a dryer that is certainly worth keeping. This is exactly what you get with this Amana Electric Dryer, my newest home appliance.My dryer installation took a little longer than expected because I could not figure out exactly which local carrier was going to deliver the dryer, due to a missed phone call and phone number problem. A call to the helpful personnel at JB Hunt was all it took to locate the whereabouts of the dryer and schedule a delivery day. The delivery people arrived as promised, installed the new dryer in a flash, and hauled the old one away. I was now ready to test my new dryer and I wasted no time loading up the washer in preparation.Looking at this Amana dryer for the first time, my initial impression was that it didn’t have many features. As you can see from the image on this product page, there are only two knobs: One on the left for the drying cycles and one on the right to start the operation. With only two knobs, the dryer has a very basic appearance, but once you check further, you realize that the single knob on the left includes a total of eleven different drying cycles, including auto dry cycles, wrinkle control, and a timed option. There is no end of cycle signal option and it lacks some of the other more sophisticated features found on the more expensive dryers, but it still has what you need to get the laundry dry.Testing a few loads, I found that the Amana Electric Dryer Model NED4600YQ excels at drying! It dries things very quickly and I was surprised when I went back to check a load of laundry that had been set for 50 minutes, only to find the clothing already dry in just 30 minutes. I realize that my previous dryer was approaching five years of age, but this still surprised me that a large load would be dry and ready to go so quickly. Subsequent tests produced the same results- loads of laundry, regardless of the type of items, dried very fast.Another issue I have wih dryers is with shirts. I have to remember to remove them from the dryer quickly to avoid wrinkling and since almost every short I own is cotton, this is a major problem. Thankfully, this dryer has a wrinkle control setting that tumbles the clothing without heat, helping to prevent wrinkles. It doesn’t work perfectly, but it works well enough that I don’t need to race to the dryer at the end of a cyle to remove clothing and I don’t have to reach for an iron.This Amana dryer has a side- swinging door that opens from the left and swings to the right, so it won’t work for certain confined spaces. I know that some people prefer the dryer doors that open from the middle and pull down, but the sideways option is fine with me. I just place a basket underneath and scoop out all of the clothing at once. Wrinkles are not much of a concern thanks to the wrinkle control and clothing is dry and ready to wear in a very short time.Dryers are something most of us take for granted, but some are better than others and the Amana Electric Dryer model NED4600YQ is one of the better models of dryer for getting clothing dry in reasonable time. The auto dry function doesn’t always work perfectly and the wrinkle control function won’t stop every wrinkle, but this is still a very good appliance even if it does lack some of the bells and whistles common with the more high- end clothes dryers.

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