Ariston Platinum Line AWD129NA 24 Washer/Dryer Combo

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Ariston Platinum Line AWD129NA 24 Washer/Dryer Combo

The platinum line of laundry from Ariston is not only efficient in their operation lowest energy rating in its class but also provides an opportunity to create an efficient laundry room even if space is an obstacle Stack them and enjoy the high

Product Features

  • Ariston
  • Ariston 24 WasherDryer Combo with 13 lbs Maximum Load Capacity 1200 RPM Spin Speed 9 Wash Settings and 12 Hr Delay Timer Platinum
  • AWD129NA
  • Ariston – AWD129NA

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William Kemp says:

You better think twice I’ve owned this appliance since Sept 2007. While the wash cycle is acceptable (small loads only), the dryer cycle is a total fiasco. If you have the option of a traditional stackable washer/dryer with vented dryer get that instead. The dryer part is terrible because clothes get super hot (and will shrink… there’s NO temp selector: it’s high heat or off) and yet will have many patches that are wet throughout. It takes several hours to complete a dry cycle, clothes come out extremely wrinkled, and they will have a funny odor (as if you had left a wet towel in your gym bag in the trunk of your car all day in the sun). The “ventless” dryer is a terrible invention. You’re better off with a traditional dryer or using a clothes line. On top of that, my machine just broke (spin cycle drum is loose, and won’t stop spinning), and customer service is next to nonexistent). Buyer beware!

A. Wong says:

Incredibly impractical and useless I have used this Ariston washer/dryer combo for almost a year and I would have to say it is the most frustrating appliance I have ever had. Avoid any kind of ventless washer/dryer combo units if you can, even the best ones perform much poorly than conventional washer & dryers (Google search ventless washer/dryer combo units and you will find a ton of poor reviews). The savings in water and energy barely makes up for the ton of shortcomings of this product.Some of the faults of this washer/dryer:- Capacity is very small, not ideal for families or those who wash a lot of clothes.- Eventhough front loading washers cleans better than top loading washers, this washer doesn’t clean very well. I end up using more detergent (and spot clean before washing) and using multiple smaller loads which is even worse for the environment.- The softener and bleach dispenser does not dispense evenly nor entirely.Most of the problems are due to the dryer function:- One load takes half a day if you use the dryer setting.- Your clothes will never be completely dry and the dryer leaves a very odd metallic/burnt-oily smell in your clothes. The smell is very nausiating. I tried to use the dryer multiple times hoping that the smell would go away because it was new, but it made no difference at all.- Your clothes will form a solid compact wrinkled mass when the dryer is used. The “Easy Iron” button makes no difference and is completely useless.Even if you have to spend a ton of money running a vent line to be able to use a conventional washer and dryer, I highly recommend doing it. It is well worth it, you will save a lot of time, money in the long run, and most importantly your sanity!

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