Avanti D110-1IS 110-Volt Automatic Dryer

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Avanti D110-1IS 110-Volt Automatic  Dryer

D110-1 Features: -Compact design for apartments, dormitories, or recreational vehicles.-lightweight for easy portability.-9 Lbs. drying capacity.-Auto dry / timed dry setting.-Air dry (fabric refresh).-Anti-Wrinkle.-See-through window.-Multiple installation options. Specifications: -120 volt. Dimensions: -Unit dimensions 27.5” H x 23.5” W x 17.5” D.

Product Features

  • 110 volt Dryer
  • wall mounted or free standing
  • stainless steel drum
  • vented or recirculating
  • viewable window door

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C. Brooks says:

Avanti Portable Dryer There’re numerous attributes about the Avanti portable dryer model, D-110-1 and some not so great. First, the unit is very light weight (40 lbs) which makes it very portable. I purchased a dryer venting box for inside venting, but found I didn’t need it. This unit doesn’t put off much heat or moisture(less than a small pot of boiling water) or lint, since it has duel filters(more on these later). The amount of heat is much less than a full size dryer yet gets the clothes dry in a gentle but fairly decent time frame. It helps to dry, similar materials together, keeping in mind jeans will take a bit longer. Clothes come out wrinkle free, and not burning hot like larger dryers, which means much less damage to your clothes. It’s a fairly impressive dryer. Never over-fill the dryer, clothes will not dry in a timely fashion. The dryer does not have a dryer signal to alert you upon completion of the cycle. But it does have Hot, Warm and Air Only cycle plus a cool down setting to keep your clothes from wrinkling if you don’t get to it right away. All the bells and whistles my full size had.Upon initial install the unit gave a horrible screeching sound, I pulled the back off and discovered the belt(very thin one) was not on properly, made adjustment. It appeared to be fixed but soon after unit once again would squeak and squeal, making it impossible to be in the room when it was running. Four months into use, the noise went away on it’s own.The dryers filter system is somewhat daunting but it does serve a purpose to keep lint out of your house, if you choose indoor venting. There are several layers of filters and one that will need to be replaced after some time is a wool like material that after five months of use. I’ve had a difficult time finding replacements. I’ve searched the web, to make sure I had extra parts on hand like extra belts since the one that drives the unit is very thin. I’ve not found any parts houses that carry Avanti parts and the manual does not provide buyers with a parts list or schematic. Making parts identification difficult. I did find a similar “filter” material at the fabric store and made my own, and they seem to work better. I discovered the Avanti filter is the same as the Haier HLP140E portable dryer filter.All in all I really love the convenience and appearance of the Avanti dryer. And hope they have better availability for parts and filters in the future. I took off one star for the noise and poor parts availability.UPDATE: 12/28/11, After locating a parts (blowout) list, for this dryer. I made an attempt to order extra replacement parts, via Avanti. Ordering the parts from the number in the included catalog was straight forward, but after a month of waiting for “in-stock” parts I called once again to check the status, and got the run around. I waited another two weeks, and still no parts. When I called the third time, I was told they “just” were put into stock that moment, and they would “expedite” the shipment. While I was not impressed with the Parts availability from the start, I was really let down by the delay and run-around the parts department gave me. I even lessened the amount of filters and belts I ordered to assure quicker delivery, since the parts department informed me of the total number they had in stock. I think, I’ll buy my filters and parts via Haier rather than Avanti, since they are the exact same part, but different makers. Avanti needs better service badly.Those of you needing Filter replacement, here are the part numbers and description of each filter.There are actually three “filters”1. Small one at the door latch, called “air inlet filter”Part # GYJ42.2-42. The tighter mesh screen inside the plastic circle, called “filter”Part # GYJ42.5-53. Wool like fabric against the tub on back wall. called, “filter of inner tub”Part # GYJ42.5-6

LawdyMama says:

If I could return this, I would This should be zero stars — but alas, I had to give the minimum of 1.I’ve used apartment sized washer and dryers for many years. In April, 2012, after 6 years, my trusty little Haier dryer just couldn’t take it any more and died. I would have purchased a new Haier, but Amazon had the Avanti, on Prime, for the same price. I decided to try the Avanti after reading a ton of reviews.The unit was delivered on the 26 of April. At first, I was pleased — it seemed to dry a bit faster, and was a bit larger capacity than my old Haier. 3 months later, a loud noise started — it sounded as if it had a bad bearing. The sound was so loud that if you stood in the same room, you couldn’t hear my teenagers music playing full blast in the next room. Seriously freaking loud. I called Avanti to have warranty service done on the unit on August 2, 10, 15, 17, 21, 23, and finally on the 29th. Each time I was told the unit was now entered into the system. Each time I was given a confirmation number. Each time I was told that a service provider would call me within 2 days. Each time I called, there was no record that I had previously called, even with the confirmation numbers. On the 29th, the last call I made, I was told that there were no service providers in my area (I live within 30 minutes of New York City). They would try and find somebody to service the unit. I should expect to hear from a provider within 6 to 10 WEEKS.I can’t return this to Amazon, as the return period has expired. I can’t get the dryer fixed for at least 2.5 months. I’m incredibly disappointed in this purchase and will be purchasing a new Haier in place of this Avanti. If a service provider ever calls, I will still have this repaired, as a back up, but never again will I purchase from a company with such awful customer service.

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