Avanti Top Load Portable Washer – 12 Lb. Capacity

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Avanti Top Load Portable Washer – 12 Lb. Capacity

Avanti W757 Washer W757 Portable Washer and Dryer

Product Features

  • Capacity – 1.65 CF / 12 Lbs.
  • Stainless Steel Wash Tub
  • Pulsating Bottom Eliminates the Need for an Agitator
  • Electronic Controls with LED Status Indicators for Each Cycle
  • Multiple Pre-Programmed Automatic Wash Cycles

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Tana Williams says:

Works well in small places I spent hours researching my laundry options when I had to move to an apartment with no washer/dryer. I finally decided on the Avanti W757 and after having it for 3 months feel I can give it an honest review. I am very happy with my purchase. We are a family of 3 that includes a 3 year old so dirty clothes pile up quickly. Yes the washer is small but that’s not a secret! It IS a 12 lb capacity machine after all.Pros: It gets clothes very clean. I would say it cleans as well or even better than traditional machines. It has several programmable cycles including a default 2 rinse cycle (love that). You can choose how much water to fill in the machine. It’s fairly quiet even without the noise suppressor thing on. This machine is a little workhorse. I use it probably every other day and it just rocks.Cons: If hooking up to a sink, it’s hard to get a non leaky fit. Not to worry though, it’s easily remedied. When attached to my faucet, there is a very thin spray of water that shoots out, very tiny. I just throw a paper towel over the faucet and it contains it. No biggie.The wheels don’t roll so well. I wanted to be able to roll this across my kitchen floor but the wheels really stick so I end up just lifting the machine. Luckily I’m pretty strong for a chick and the washer isn’t too heavy.The gentle cycle isn’t so gentle. I think the “gentle” cycle could be much gentler. I won’t put a lot of my delicates in there because it just sgitates too much for me.Okay, that about sums it up. I will come back and edit if anything changes but if you are in a small place and need a washer I highly recommend this. I took one star off for the stuff in my cons section but I’d probably give it 4.5 stars if I could.

Randall Q. Morris says:

Great little machine, needs a little extra out of the box. As far as function goes, this machine will not disappoint. It is quiet, washes well, and will save you a lot on operating costs compared to standard washers. The biggest issues you will run into with this machine is that the hoses that come with the machine are poorly made and leaky on the faucet side, and the wheels don’t roll well or make it very mobile. These two issues are the only thing keeping me from giving it five stars, but I also fixed these issues with an $18 investment. You can try as much as you like to stop the leaking, but your best bet is to go to your local hardware store and buy a new hose with metal connectors. I got a hose at Lowe’s for around $8 and it completely eliminated the leak. You may want to invest in some silicon tape as well ($1.50) to seal the connection on the washer side just to be safe. Additionally, I bought a box of dollies to sit the washer on that made it far more mobile and gave it a few more inches in height which made for better drainage. I lucked out at Home Depot with a $9 deal on 4 small dollies, though I thought it was only one medium sized dolly that required assembly, so I was pleasantly surprised. Other than my luck, you can expect to spend $20-25 for a dolly.All in all, my frustration with getting this machine to work well right out of the box was great, but it was all remedied and I have no complaints about the functionality of this machine. No more laundromat for me!

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