Basecamp by Mr. Heater Single Tub Washing Machine (White/Blue)

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Basecamp by Mr. Heater Single Tub Washing Machine (White/Blue)

Now you can have clean clothes wherever you go. Whether it is a long road trip or camping at a park the Basecamp single tub portable washing machine goes wherever you do. The machine runs on 120V but can be converted to AC with an inverter not included. It has a 4.4 -Pounds wash capacity and is extremely quiet.

Product Features

  • Top loading single tub with 4.40 pounds wash capacity. Quiet operation. Self draining
  • Wash cycle with timer
  • 120V AC operation or can be used with a DC to AC power inverter
  • Bottom mounted agitator. Agitator wash action with timer control
  • Strong ABS plastic housing.

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JohnQshopper says:

Basecamp by Mr. Heater Single Tub Washing Machine Living in my small New York apartment, even a portable washer would not fit. I would lug my laundry down to the neighborhood laundromat. I had to take the elevator and walk two blocks. I had to wait for a washer, or deal with rude people all vying for the washers and dryers. Not to mention money spent and the dryers which cost more than the wash. I ordered this Washer and it arrived within days. In my small bathroom, I placed it in the bathtub on a child’s plastic step stool. The faucet reaches right into it so filling it is easy. I have a utility extension cord which rises above the tub. I was able to fit 2 pairs of jeans in one load. 3 shirts in another. Turn on the 15 minute timer. When the load is washed, I let the hose down and it drains. I refill it, turn on the faucet and let the bottom hose drain.Fresh water runs in and out the hose, rinsing the items clean.It fits comfortably in my small closet with room to spare.I put the clothes on a dryer rack in the tub and put my box fan in front of it. Shut the door, go to bed and within a few hours, Clean, fresh clothing. No price on peace of mind and convenience I get with this little gem.

Jossiegal says:

worth the money I purchased this little washer after reviewing several brands in this category. This one, as far as I have seen, is VERY similar to the PANDA brand but about $20+ cheaper. I live in a studio apartment so i don’t have the space for a large machine and I am not allowed to monkey with the plumbing. I have to say, this little guy has helped me keep my laundry in check,it holds quite alot and everything comes pretty much as clean and fresh as conventional washers with the ease of being able to do laundry at midnight if I want to. There is a little bit of a learning curve (how much water to put, load size)but after a few washes, you get the hang of it. It can hold two large bath towels and some small pieces (socks,underwear) or 2-3 pants and a couple of tops and smalls in one load. You want to put a sufficient amount of water and not overload or the agitator wont be able to do its job.It does have a hose to fill it from sink but I just use a bucket-it is quicker.There are several videos on YouTube for the similar PANDA brand,so you can see how this machine works. You definitely want to get a spin dryer to go with this (the Laundry Alternative has some portable ones at reasonable prices)as clothing is sopping wet when it is done. Overall,this works as I expected and is worth the price–it ultimately pays for itself in time and money if you normally go to the coin-o-mat.

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