Danby DWM17WDB Portable Top Load Washing Machine – White

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Danby DWM17WDB Portable Top Load Washing Machine – White

The Danby DWM17WDB Portable Top Load Washing Machine has a 11.02 lb. capacity. The Danby portable washer is the perfect companion for people that have a minimal amount of space and are not able to install full size units. This compact washer comes loaded with features including a stainless steel tub, full length top load agitator, 4 water level settings, 8 wash programs and more.Package Content:washing machinemanualwarrantyElectronic controlsQuiet operationWater overflow protectionSafety lid – spinning stops when you open the lid120V electrical requirementHeight 33.88Width 21.44Depth 21.63Weight 70.00Color WhiteOperating SystemBatteries IncludedBatteries RequiredNumber of BatteriesBattery TypeLanguage English, French, SpanishAssembly Required

Product Features

  • 11.02 lb. capacity portable top-load washing machine with quiet operation
  • Rust resistant galvanized steel cabinet with stainless steel tub and trim
  • Electronic controls with 8 wash programs
  • 4 water level settings and water overflow protection
  • Safety lid – spinning stops when you open the lid

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Michael says:

Awesome washer….Love it!!! I’ve had this washer since early December 2011 when it first became available in the United States. It has all the features I need: narrow width, low height, controls in the front, not in the back (for a shorter reach), hot and cold water standard washer hook-ups, stainless steel tub, a bi-fold lid (because I have it right under my stacked clothes dryer and have limited vertical clearance) and most importantly an agitator. With almost all the narrow, portable washers moving to pulsating bottoms (which I’ve heard have marginal cleaning ability), it’s good to see a manufacturer keep the traditional agitator. This washer cleans clothes exceptionally well. I was almost forced to go with a pulsating bottom washer, but thankfully this little bad boy was brought to the US.

J. Lester "tigger7694" says:

Sturdy, quiet and an excellent warranty I actually bought this machine from a local certified Danby vendor but decided to write a review here as I know many people come to Amazon to see products reviews before purchasing.It took me a while to decide which portable machine I wanted. I was tempted to go with a less expensive product but decided in the end I wanted as little plastic as possible, an agitator (a true rarity these days) and a company which listed not only it’s warranties on their website but also their dealers and service centers so I could be sure there was one in my area, particularly service. The only vendor that met those criteria was Danby so while their products are more expensive they seemed the better option. They also have an A+ rating with the BBB and are accredited with that organization; the other two major vendors are not accredited and one has an F rating. Shudder.Anyway, this washer is exactly what I wanted in a small machine. Steel cabinet and stainless steel tub minimizes cheap plastic parts that break easily and the central agitator eliminates the tangling so prevalent with pulse bottom machines. Set up is a breeze, literally consisting of sliding the noise reducer into the slot on the bottom front and that’s it (I couldn’t find where to screw it down so I didn’t bother and it hasn’t had any affect on noise; this machine is very quiet). As I have this hooked to permanent washer hookups I didn’t bother installing the castors but it does come with 4 of them for people who want this machine to be portable. Also, because of the way I have it hooked up I cannot speak to the ease and stability of attaching to a faucet but I have had no problem with leaks. I used thread tape on all connections and I did buy braided stainless steel hoses; the hoses that came with the machine don’t seem too bad but one of the rubber washers doesn’t sit right so I’m glad I bought better hoses. The drain hose is pretty flimsy so you MUST use the U clip that comes with this machine or the hose could very likely pop right out of your sink as it gets heavy from the water filling it. I have mine discharging into my washing machine drain pipe which terminates nearly 12″ above the machine and it drains fine, though I will be taking a hack saw to that pipe soon so the drain pump won’t have to work so hard.The machine is monkey simple to use; drop in the clothes (the basket is easily big enough to hold a full set of sheets and a couple of towels or two or three pairs of jeans in one wash), put detergent in the dispenser, press the power button, select water temp (hot/cold/warm), water level (high, medium, medium low, low) and then wash cycle, of which there are four: hard (30 minute soak, 12 minute wash, 2 rinses, 5 minute spin), normal hard (20 minute soak, 12 minute wash, 2 rinses, 5 minute spin), speedy (10 minute soak, 5 minute wash, 1 rinses, 2.5 minute spin) and gentle (10 minute soak, 4 minute wash, 2 rinses, 5 minute spin). Press Start and that’s it. You can press start again at any time to pause and change any of your settings before starting up again. The clothes come out very clean and the spin cycle does a good job of removing most of the water. I also have a spin dryer so I usually throw my clothes into the spin dryer to wring out every last bit of moisture centrifugal force can get to, which is usually about an additional cup or two worth. Not much but every little bit helps when air drying.One last thing. When I first set up this washer I was very upset that I was only getting hot water and when it came to the rinse I got only a little trickle of cold. I called my dealer, suspecting I had gotten a dud. They sent out a repairman immediately and it turned out that since I hadn’t used the cold water washer hookup in so long (I used the hot quite often for filling buckets with hot water for cleaning) some rust flakes came loose when I opened the valve and these flakes clogged the screen of the machines cold water inlet. Once he cleared those off the machine ran exactly as it should. When I asked how much I owed for the service (it was, after all, my fault) there was no charge as Danby has a 30 day policy of paying for everything, including customer training or anything related to getting to know, use or service the machine properly. Good deal! Also, because I registered my product online I got 14 months warranty instead of 12. Another good deal!Overall I am very impressed not only with the machine but with Danby and my local dealer. If you are considering buying this machine, or any machine really, I cannot stress enough the value of buying from a local dealer certified to sell the machine you are interested in. It takes the PITA out of the inevitable hiccups or outright breakdowns.EDIT: This machine also has a feature that wasn’t listed in the manual that I only discovered a little while ago: a fabric softener dispenser. It kind of hides on…

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