Dryer Dock Vent Hose Quick Connect

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Dryer Dock Vent Hose Quick Connect

Dryer Dock is the easy way to connect your dryer hose and keep it securely connected.

Product Features

  • Takes the work out of installing, accessing and cleaning
  • Dryer vent to go to the exterior exhaust vent
  • Twist to securely lock hose in place or unlock for lint removal
  • Hardware included
  • Plastic, 6 1/4 x 6 1/4 x 2 3/4

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JP in Maine says:

Great item, but… This is a great way to connect your dryer vent to the outside, but be aware that the vent tubing, though shown in the photo here, is not included. You will receive the only two plastic flanges.

Memphis housewife says:

Okay But Needs Improvement The Dryer Dock is a good product. The only complaint I have is that each time I tried to move the dryer back against the wall, the hose would turn and unlock from the wall. I finally decided to use duct tape to secure the pieces together. This product could be improved with a better locking system.

Preston says:

Quick connect dryer vent The vent connection makes for a neater and closer installation. It also eliminates the possibility of the connection inside the wall from pushing thru and possibly making it hard to retrieve. If the tabs break just get screws made to go into plastic and modify it.

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