Electrolux EIFLS55IIW 4.2 cu. ft. Front Load Steam Washer – IQ-Touch Control Island White

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Electrolux EIFLS55IIW 4.2 cu. ft. Front Load Steam Washer – IQ-Touch Control Island White

The perfect balance system of the Electrolux EIFLS55IIWreduces vibration for quiet operation making it quiet enough to run at any hour without disturbing the peace of your home. While it operates quietly, this front-loading washing machine has a large 4.07 cubic foot capacity and a fast wash cycle that handles large loads in little time with ease.

Choose one of its 11 wash cycles on the IQ-Touch control panel, or use the My Favorite setting button to recall customized settings with the touch of a button. The washer’s Perfect Steam option, which is available in six cycles, deep cleans clothing and removes tough stains without pre-treating. Let your new Goedeker’s appliance do the tough cleaning work so you can relax in comfort.


  • 4.07 cu. Ft. capacity
  • IQ-Touch controls put preset cycle features within the reach of a button
  • Perfect Steam option cleans deeper for whiter whites and better stain removal
  • Perfect Balance System keeps oversized loads balanced for smooth, quiet operation

Product Features

  • IQ-Touch Control
  • 18 Minutes To Wash, 18 Minutes To Dry
  • Perfect Balance System
  • Dimensions: (WHD) 27 X 38 X 31 1/2 In.

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Sarah Kate says:

a washer with all the bells & whistles I’ve had this washing machine for 10 months now. I wanted to wait a while to review it so that if there were any issues, I could include them in the review. In almost a year of owning this appliance, I haven’t had one single issue. The machine works exactly the way it’s supposed to and my clothes get clean without being torn apart by an agitator like my old top-loading machine did.I’ve been so happy with this purchase. It’s very easy to care for. Every few months I have to run a system clean cycle on it using bleach or the special Tide formula you can buy just for this purpose. That has kept the inside looking and smelling clean. Other than that, the only upkeep required is that once you’re done washing clothes for the day, you need to dry out the inside with a towel and leave the door ajar for a few hours to let the moisture escape to prevent mold issues.There are so many options for cycles on this machine. I can’t think of a single thing it doesn’t do. The cycles run pretty quietly as well until you get to the spin cycle at the end, and if you have that baby on high, it’s going to sound like an airplane is taking off! No big deal though – I’m used to appliances being noisy when running.I would definitely recommend this appliance to anyone looking. Make sure you get the matching dryer too. I bought both at the same time from Lowe’s when they were running a special. I got them in Island White, but the colorful kind are really pretty too!

J.B.REVELS says:

Great Product! Cleans Great! Great options! Got this washer one month ago – Absolutely love it! Best of all – So does the wife! Great wash and spin options. Clothes are clean, machine is quiet and quick. Most loads wash in approx. 30 minutes. Like most washers that spin 1000 miles per hour, the clothes are a little wrinkled but a good shake on the way to the dryer and they come out great. The spin cycle really drys the clothes well. Small side benefit – you can pour the liquid directly into the dispenser without measuring as the dispenser has lines indicating the amount. Keeps the bottle a little cleaner and no dripping cap to clean off. Huge door that makes it easy to get clothes in and out. I recommend the stand although it seems very over priced, but in line with others I have seen.

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