EveryDay Willow Wool Dryer Balls Gift Set of 3, Natural

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EveryDay Willow Wool Dryer Balls Gift Set of 3, Natural

EveryDay Willow Set of 3 Organic Wool Dryer Ball Gift, Natural

Natural Wool Felted. Reduces Drying Time. Softens laundry naturally, without chemicals. Handmade in the US. Wool Dryer Balls are the natural solution for softening your clothes without chemicals. Made completely from wool, they help your clothes (and cloth diapers!) tumble dry softly, and reduce the drying time by up to half. Great for all laundry. To use, simply toss 2-3 balls in your wet dryer and start. No need to remove them from the dryer, just reuse! Approximately 9″ circumference (about the size of a tennis ball). Use 2-3 balls for fastest drying. Won’t harm your clothes. 100% Wool, some natural pilling may occur over time. Available in natural cream or hand dyed (won’t bleed to your clothes). Lasts for years.

Features include:

•Set of 3 natural
•Shortens drying time, softens clothes naturally, no chemicals
•Naturally, no chemicals
•Replaces dryer sheets, safe for all clothes; Unscented
•100% wool, made in the USA

Product Features

  • Set of 3 natural
  • Shortens drying time, softens clothes naturally, no chemicals
  • Naturally, no chemicals
  • Replaces dryer sheets, safe for all clothes; Unscented
  • 100% wool, made in the USA

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Audrey says:

They work! I purchased these dryer balls because you can’t use dryer sheets or fabric softeners on cloths diapers and I wanted to reduce the amount of chemicals in my house. They do just what they’re supposed do– cut drying time and eliminate the need for chemical softeners. However, you definitely need more than the three that come in the set. These ones are smallish, I suggest using at least six (two sets) to make the most out of them. They tend to hide in sleeves, pant legs, the folds in fitted sheets, etc., so you often have to do some searching. I plan on purchasing a kit to make more balls (since it is cheaper) so I can have a basket full on hand to save the search time in the laundry room.

Erin M Brown says:

They’re simple and do what they say they’ll do! LOVE these. They do shorten drying time, keep static down and soften clothes. Have used them for a month + now and no problems.

krausspost says:

Happy to save money… I bought these to 1. save money, and 2. stop using chemicals in my dryer. I think they are working well, they seem to do a bit more than no dryer sheets at all when it comes to reducing wrinkles & static cling. They definitely reduce drying time. But, you do have to search for them in the laundry as they tend to get stuck in the clothes–not a big deal to us, though.

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