Fagor FAS3612X 24-Inch Washer/Dryer Combination with 16 Program Settings/13-Pound Capacity, Silver

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Fagor FAS3612X 24-Inch Washer/Dryer Combination with 16 Program Settings/13-Pound Capacity, Silver

Fagor’s FAS3612X Silver Washer-Dryer Combination units feature the benefits of two appliances in one space saving unit. These smart front loading units perfectly accommodate apartments and small spaces with impressive results. Many great feature to this unit includes: variable Spin speed up to 1200 rpm, Turbo-Time, interactive LCD, and 180 Degree door opening.

Product Features

  • Ultimate 2 in 1 laundry solution
  • 16 Wash programs
  • Advance balance system
  • Anti-crease reversing system
  • Product specification: 33-1/2-Inch H by 23.62-Inch W by 23.62-Inch D, 220V

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Michael Trachtenberg says:

Satisfactory replacement for GE Spacemaker I replaced a stacked GE Spacemaker laundry center with a Fagor FAS-3612 after the town cited me for improper venting. As I’m moving shortly and either selling or renting, I wasn’t interested in doing extensive remodeling to meet code. Luckily, the Fagor became available around the time I began my search. I ordered it from AJ Madison and was satisfied with them.There was an existing 240V circuit for the old unit that figured heavily in my buying decision. Most of the new combination units run on 120V, which seems wimpy given the physics involved in washing and drying clothes. The Fagor requires a 240V NEMA 6-15R receptacle and draws 10 amps. If not for the modest changes to the existing wiring, particularly if I only had 120V, I would have gone with an LG.InstallationThe machine heats its own water and needs just a cold water hookup, so I capped off the hot. The included hose leaked like a sieve from the connector no matter how hard I tightened it. I reused a Watts anti-flood hose. Installation was otherwise uneventful.A mounting bolt cover on the back of the machine was broken on arrival. It’s hidden, so no big deal.My only other note is the machine fits in approximately the same footprint as the GE but is half the height. The old machine hid all kinds of nastiness behind it. Since it’s in finished space, I’m trying to get it presentable. The door opening is very low; the top of the machine is counter height and can be removed to mount under a counter.WashingThe Fagor washes very well and has a lot of features, too many to list. Because it has no agitator, it holds markedly more than the GE. I didn’t appreciate this until I washed bedding.There are no settings for temperature and water level, per se. Instead, you select a program from a dial and then modify it as you need. The program is a template that works like a Chinese restaurant menu: #5 gets you a normal 140ºF wash; push some buttons to get an intensive wash, easy iron, extra rinse, etc. I’ve settled on one setting for whites and another for colors. It will heat up to 194°F should the need arise.Detergent goes in one of three troughs depending on whether it’s pre-wash, wash, or fabric softener. The manual says you need an optional accessory to use liquid detergent but tech support disputed that and I’ve used liquid since.The manufacturer recommends a mixture of small and large items. I had one incident where the machine could not balance the load, but then washed identical loads several times after with no problem. It goes through its business unobtrusively, except when it spins up like a turbine to dry. It has a clear door and I like watching it work.Total cycle time, including “drying,” ranges between 1:10 and 1:30. There is no need to transfer clothes from washer to dryer because it all happens in the same drum, but there is also no way to wash one load while drying another.DryingThis is in no way, shape, or form a dryer. The best I can call it is a water extractor, or high-tech wringer that spins clothes at 1200 RPM. The clothes come out damp, albeit markedly dryer than from a conventional washing machine. This is just how this type of machine works. After the town cited me, I was forced to use a clothes rack and hoped to be rid of it. Oh well. In response to my inquiry, the manufacturer advised me not to overload the drum. No question that smaller loads dry better. Anyhow, I’ve had the machine a couple of months as of this writing and have gotten used to it. You should be able to hang things in your closet straight from the Fagor, with everything else going on a rack. Panasonic’s NA-VR1000 is a similar unit but with an efficient heat pump dryer. If it ever comes stateside and isn’t exorbitant, the Fagor may be a tough sell.One feature I use often is delayed drying. The machine runs the wash cycle and soaks the clothes until you push a button to start the 10-minute drying cycle.Other commentsMaintenance is fussy. You’re supposed to leave the door open a while after you’re done so the machine can dry out. My main complaint is a lint filter at the bottom of the machine, which requires periodic cleaning. Once you open it you will have water spewing as if from a garden hose. The manual suggests catching it with a plate, but there is no clearance between the filter and the floor. Not sure what they were thinking.These combination units are markedly more efficient and sophisticated than the old-style stacked ones, like comparing a ’79 Ford and ’10 BMW. I like the controls and display. Electric usage is pegged at 115 KWH per year and water usage is also light. Downside is the old units have a good track record and the new ones will have to establish themselves. I know that front-loaders are typically less reliable.OverallThe acid test is whether I’d buy it…

S. Clay "therealdealreviewer" says:

love it, quiet, efficient and sleek all around I just love this machine it is the best buy in a machine I have invested in. Now I can wash and dry my clothes whenever…I have heard some people say it doesn’t dry I say…stop being lazy. If you open the hatch as soon as it allows you to from its safety feature… and leave it open until the clothes are cooled off enough to take out of the dryer (because yes they get scalding hot!)then they will definitely be dry sometimes I don’t even do that and they are dry it just depends how many clothes you put in. If you put the full weight limit I would say try and leave the hatch open for 10-15 min and you should be fine or run it one more time on dry for 20 min and you should be good.The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that the plug is so awkward and it took a lot just to convince my uncle (my landlord) to switch the only 220v outlet I had in the house to the plug I needed which thankfully was in the kitchen but unfortunately meant I could not use my stove. Also if I ever move how in the world will I be able to get my unit hooked up??? THAT plug is where the headache lies…I have even washed my bed covers in there however I don’t know how it would have come out if the cover was heavier…hmmm…But I believe that my cover is a comforter its just the outside of the material is silky to the touch sort of. This unit is more than worth buying some cheap washer and dryer on craigslist and having to do the laundry in a dark creepy basement.

Thomas H. Freeman says:


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