GE GEFLSTACK Stacking Kit for 27 GE Front Load Washers and Dryers

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GE GEFLSTACK Stacking Kit for 27 GE Front Load Washers and Dryers

This is a GE KIT – STACKING WSH/DRY part number WE25X10028.

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PRG NC says:

Does not fit all 27″ GE washer/dryers I ordered this thinking that it would fit any GE 27″ front load W/D set but it did not fit on my 2-year-old Spacemaker machines. :( I just thought I would post in case others are confused about whether or not this is a “universal” stacking kit since the item description doesn’t provide a lot of detail.Though I didn’t install it, it appeared to be of high quality. As others have noted, it is a lot of money given what you get, but it seems like stacking kits- no matter the vendor or manufacturer- are super expensive. As always, Amazon shipping and returns were fast and trouble-free.

Anonymous says:

The kit worked, it was easy to install and the directions were easy to understand. However, the black pads that were supposed to stick on the bottom of the dryer did not stick whatsoever. The sticky stuff that was on the pads didn’t work. So I tried adding my own glue but even after using multiple glues the pads would not stay in place long enough to place the dryer on top of the washer. This made it difficult to place the dryer on top of the washer without scratching the finish.

Anonymous says:

After I received the kit, I feel it is too expensive for what it is. But, I believe this price was the lowest that I’ve found under GE stacking kit. And it doesn’t fit for my machine even though I was told it should fit for my WD.After put the 4 little sticky bottom protector (which sticky doesn’t stick, so I had to use my double sided sticky tape to make it stay), and attach the kit to bottom of my dryer and set it on the top of washer, L bracket doesn’t touch the washer. It has at least 1/2 inch gap between the bracket and the back of the washer. Also, holes in the bracket does not match the holes in the washer.I needed stacking kit so badly, so instead of returning the item, I made it to fit for my washer by adding 15 rubber washer to fill the gap and screw though middle of the hole in the rubber washer into the washer. And made new hole on back of my washer to match up with bracket for the 2nd screws.I am not sure other stacking kit would have work perfectly for my machine or not, but that wasn’t the case for me. However, if it is for the right W/D stacking, very simple to attach it.I think it would have big help if seller put detail of what model this stacking kit would work in the description.

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