GE WE1M654 Timer Knob Assembly for Dryer

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GE WE1M654 Timer Knob Assembly for Dryer

Product Features

  • WE1M654
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Genuine GE factory part

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dawson "dawsonsc" says:

Perfect Replacement Having gone through several dryers and with a large amount to dry due to size of family I bought an extended warranty. However when the timer problem came about I quickly found out the cheap plastic knob had cracked. Rather than wait for a repairman and warranty crap I went ahead and ordered this one so I could replace it myself. Be careful when replacing the knob. The knobs have a metal inside sleeve that may stay in the timer when the knob shaft cracks. When you get this replacement part it will have a new metal sleeve inside the timer shaft. Take a pair of needle nose pliers and remove the old metal sleeve from the timer shaft if it is still on the timer shaft. That way the new timer knob with its new metal sleeve will fit snugly on the old timer shaft. If you don’t do this then timer knob will not seat all the way and will probably crack again real quick.

Anonymous says:

Fit perfectly on my dryer. Works great for a fraction of the price I would have paid at an appliance store.

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