Haier 1.8 Cu. Ft. Ventless Front Load Combo Washer Dryer

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Haier 1.8 Cu. Ft. Ventless Front Load Combo Washer Dryer

Ventless Front Load Washer – Dryer Combo – 13 lb. Capacity 3-phases induction driver to save more energy and water – Thorough rinse function – Super large LCD displayer provides a clear indication of functional operation – Three drying programs can be selected – Sterilization of electrolyzed water makes washing complete and clean This item cannot ship to APO/FPO addresses. .

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WillR says:

Dryer died after 10 months The dryer side of this washer dryer combo died after 10 months. The service man they sent didn’t have any parts but got it working. 2 months later, the dryer stopped again… unfortunately out of warranty. Not going to fight for a week (again) to get service out.I’ll be staying away from the Haier brand and looking for a better quality washer/dryer combo.

Steve says:

Not what it promises We live in an apartment without any washing facilities, so this seemed like the ideal solution to our laundry problem. We purchased the caster set so that we could wheel the washer to the sink and drain. Overall I’ve found myself dissatisfied with this product for the following reasons:1) My biggest gripe is that the drying function went from intermittent (clothes would dry, but only after several passes through the dry cycle) to non-existent (now we don’t bother and instead we use clothes racks to air dry).2) It doesn’t come with the equipment you need to attach it to a sink. This requires the purchase of the adapter set which includes the screw piece to attach to the faucet and the y converter that connects the faucet to the intake hoses. While that’s only about $15, it did mean another purchase and delivery which delayed using the machine.3) The optional wheels we attached lock and unlock on their own, leading it to roll around when it starts shaking during the spin cycle and to not roll freely when we try to move it. This means we have to work extra hard to move it into position and occasionally we must baby-sit the machine to make sure it doesn’t roll too far and pull the out-hose from the drain and spill over the floor.In summation – we were looking for an alternative to a laundromat or washing clothes in the sink and we got that, but for the high price and the hassle I would just as soon do the other options were I to do it over again. I do not recommend anyone buy this product.

fatkidbaker says:

Do NOT buy this washer dryer. This is the only washer/dryer small enough to fit in the space I have in my condo. I was completely aware that it didn’t wash or dry very well, since it’s a combo unit. That’s fine, it gets the job done, even if my clothes are a little more faded and wrinkly than ever. The reason I would not recommend this machine is because the dryer broke after 2 months. When the manufacture finally sent someone out there, (6 weeks of me playing phone tag between Haier and the servicer), they said it had fixed itself. Month 10, still covered under warranty, it broke again. It will take another month to get someone out there.I knew it would be a crappy product when I bought it, but I didn’t have other options. But I had no idea it was going to be such awful customer service.

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