Haier HLP23E Electronic 1-1/2-Cubic-Foot Touch Pulsator Top-Loading Portable Washing Machine

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Haier HLP23E Electronic 1-1/2-Cubic-Foot Touch Pulsator Top-Loading Portable Washing Machine

Save yourself the trouble of hand washing your delicates with 4 wash cycles and 4 water level settings. Includes LED Display.

Product Features

  • Portable 1-1/2-cubic-foot washing machine with quick-connect sink adapter
  • See-through top lid; electronic control panel and LED display; indicator lights
  • 4 wash cycles; 4 water-level settings; 6 programs; end-of-cycle signal
  • Auto shut-off for peace of mind; leveling legs; lint filter and water filter included
  • Measures 19-11/16 by 21-1/8 by 34-23/32 inches; 1-year warranty

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Laura Owen says:

No more laundromat! I got a little angst-y over buying a portable washer–I hate, hate, hate the laundromat (we live in a 4th floor walkup apartment in Manhattan) but was still suspicious that a $220 machine could actually be the solution to our laundry problems! In fact, I did a lot of research before buying the Haier HLP23E and looked at some other much more expensive portable washers (like the GE and Whirlpool, which are both about $600 or more). Haier isn’t a brand that I’m familiar with and I was worried this washer would be cheap/flimsy, would break right away, or would arrive damaged. However, after reading many, many reviews, I felt the general gist was–this is a pain in the butt to set up, Haier’s customer service is not great, etc., instruction manual sketchy, etc., but the actual washer itself works well. In addition, the much more expensive portable washers did NOT get much better reviews; in fact, there seems to be less info about them online than the Haier washers. So we went ahead and got the Haier HLP23E (Manhattanites–we did NOT buy it on Amazon, we picked it up at J&R Electronics downtown. They had it in stock and available for in-store pickup. I’d read some reviews saying that the washers arrived dented and this allowed us to avoid having it shipped or paying shipping charges. We were able to jam the box into the backseat of a regular cab…barely. It did not fit in the trunk.)Anyway, we got it home and set it up. As others have said, the instruction manual is not great and we found the set-up advice in other buyers’ reviews helpful. The bottom, screw-on, plastic noise reduction panel was probably the most complicated part of setup–it is REALLY HARD To get it to line up with the holes for screws. We did eventually get it on. The panel now says “FRONT” on the side that is supposed to face the floor (when the washer is upright) and we decided “FRONT” meant it should point toward the front of the washer. We got it on after a lot of effort.After that setup wasn’t bad…for us it required a few trips to the hardware store, though this wouldn’t be the case for everyone. We connected the washer to our shower head, which required a different adapter (turns out shower and sink faucets have different threads). We got that at Home Depot (fyi, the shower head adapter is not compatible with the quick-pull-off sink adapter). We used a level to make sure the washer was absolutely level. Also, make sure you follow the terrible manual’s advice on how to position the drain hose, because if you don’t, it will leak.Once it’s set up…yay! Well, granted we’ve only had it for a week, but I’ve been really happy so far. The washer is very, very quiet, and it does its job. The clothes come out clean and the spin cycle gets them damp dry so drying on drying racks in our apartment isn’t much of a hassle. The washer also holds more clothes than I thought it would–there is no agitator and that means there is more room. I think my largest load has been one queen size sheet along with a couple pairs of boxers/T-shirts.A couple other little things I noticed…*The washer’s instruction manual says that the lint trap is included in a plastic bag with the instruction manual. I was worried that ours was missing…but in fact it was already installed in the machine.*The washer cleans by “pulsating,” not agitating–I wasn’t familiar with the sound, it sounds like (very quiet) thumps. The washer really is quiet but it might not sound like a washer you’ve had before.*I read somewhere else that HE detergent is recommended with these washers–I think because otherwise there might be way too many bubbles going down the sink drain. I think the instruction manual recommended using “concentrated” detergent–I took this to mean HE, and I just use a splash at the bottom of the machine.*The instruction manual–bad, as noted–lists two different sets of instructions for loading the machine. In fact, I load it the way you would any machine. I put the detergent at the bottom (just a little bit). Then I add the clothes. Then I power on and select the cycle and hit start.*The manual also mentions a “water heater” built into the washer…as far as I know, it doesn’t have one. I just vary the output of the faucet based on what I want going in. This means that if I want a warm wash and cold rinse I have to go and turn the faucet to cold when the rinse cycle begins.*If there are detergent dispensers, I did not see them. I pour it in the bottom of the tub. I don’t think there is a fabric softener dispenser.*Your faucet must be on BEFORE you select the cycle/hit start…might be self-explanatory to some but wasn’t for me :) *Oh yeah…the HLP23E doesn’t look like the picture! Or at least mine doesn’t–mine doesn’t have a see-through top. Instead it has a jointed white top that folds open. I am fine with that; I leave the washer open when it’s not in use to avoid…

workerouter says:

This has changed my life I live in a one-bedroom unit in a massive apartment building with 6 laundry machines in the basement. I did not buy this unit from Amazon but rather from a Chinese electronics dealer in my area. Haier is very popular in China and the machine came highly recommended by the dealer.The dealer delivered it to me, set it up and away we went. I have had this unit for about a month and here are my comments:1) The unit is quieter than a traditional laundry machine.2) I have had no problems with balancing the machine or with water intake. It fills quickly so long as there is high water pressure. The machine balances itself by stopping and starting until the clothes are balanced.3) The high water level can accommodate a lot of clothes. I do about 3 loads a week: shirts/undies, pants, and towels.4)It uses a lot less soap than traditional washers (about half I would say)5)The regular wash runs for about 45 mins which I found excessive. The quickwash runs for about 22 minutes and I find that my clothes are perfectly clean. I only use the regular wash for very soiled items.6) My unit came with casters so I had no problem. You may also buy casters at the hardware store… the casters are fairly standard.7) Hooking it up to the sink did require a trip to the hardware store but it was easy to find the adapter as I brought the intake hose with me.

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