Haier RWT350AW 3.1 Cubic Feet Top Load Agitator Washer, White

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Haier RWT350AW 3.1 Cubic Feet Top Load Agitator Washer, White

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Haier Encore RWT350AW Top Load Super Capacity Stainless Steel Tub Washer

Haier’s 3.1 Cu. Ft. super capacity top load washer is your helping hand for cleaner clothes and efficient wash cycles. Housed in a corrosion resistant steel cabinet, a stainless steel tub uses a pulsating wash system that gently washes clothes without the tangling and pulling that can occur with agitator washers. On the outside you’ll find easy to use controls that include 7 wash cycle selections.

Cleaning Options

By picking the cycles that make the most sense for your load, you can finish washing more quickly. Depending on your load size, choose from 7 wash cycles and 5 water levels. The RWT350AW also has an extra rinse and load size choice to help make doing the laundry even easier. Follow along with the cycles from Pre-wash to End, with the indicator and process status lights. At the end of the cycle a buzzer will alarm you that the laundry is done. The built-in bleach dispenser, located underneath the lid, is perfect for making those whites extra white. The below lists all the combinations of cycles you can get out of your new washing machine. With a practically an unlimited amount of combinations, you get more value out of one machine than other models that chose load selections for you.


Euromonitor International named Haier the number one laundry brand in the world.

Haier focuses on making the laundry experience easier and better than ever before. With more options, features and energy and water saving settings, Haier knows that not every load is created equal. From full size, extra large capacity drums, to space-saving portable laundry, Haier has the washer and dryer to meet your needs.

7 Wash Cycles: Product Features:
  • Heavy
  • Normal
  • White
  • Colors
  • Delicate
  • Quick
  • Spin Only
  • 3.1 Cu. Ft. Tub Size
  • 7 Wash Cycles
  • Rotary Controls
  • Stainless Steel Tub
  • 630 RPM Spin Speed
  • Indicator Lights and Process Status Lights
  • Bleach Dispenser
  • 5 Water Levels
  • Extra Rinse
  • Leveling Legs
  • Lint Filter
  • End-of-Cycle Signal

Unit Dimensions (Width by Depth by Height): 27 by 27 by 43-1/2 inches
Unit Weight: 130 lbs.

Carton Dimensions (Width by Depth by Height): 30 by 30 by 47-1/2 inches
Shipping Weight: 148 lbs.


Product Features

  • 3-1/2-Cubic feet Tub Size
  • 7 Wash Cycles
  • Rotary Controls
  • Stainless Steel Tub
  • Indicator Lights and Process Status Lights

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Donald R. Poteet "Rockdweller" says:

Excellent This replaced an old Kenmore that I had for several years and I don’t know if all the new washers are like this but this one is actually a pleasure to use. It doesn’t sound at all like my old washer and the quietness caught me by surprise. It is just a very smooth operating machine. I don’t really know how to describe its operation in detail but as of now I would highly reccomend this washer. I’ve only had it about a month and so far I see no problems with it at all.I thought I would update since I’ve had this washer for sometime now. It quit on me a couple weeks ago and I’ve called customer service three times and they were supposed to send some one out but so far I haven’t had any results from that. No call or anything. But the good news is, I decided to try and fix it myself so I took it apart and all I did was look but when I put it back together everything worked as it should. So even tho I’m glad it is working, I am skeptical to how long it will work. I know now that I can’t depend on customer service.

BTC says:

Seems I May Have Pulled a Lemon UPDATE: I finally gave up. The blade could not be replaced and was tearing up my clothes, and Amazon could not replace the unit, so it has been submitted for return. Really unfortunate considering I try to purchase from Amazon any chance I get, but instead I found an LG Washer on ApplianceConnection.com that was originally $775 marked down to $600 w/ Free Shipping. Oh well. I hope others have more luck with this than I did (and based on reviews, they seem to). [END UPDATE]I purchased this washer based on the seven prior reviews, which all praised this unit’s performance. I have had the washer for 36 hours now and can hardly express my disappointment. I will preface my two major issues below with the fact that I did indeed contact Amazon and, much to my poor luck, I purchased the last of the units they had in inventory which means I cannot receive a replacement. This is very disappointing as there are no other washers in this price point with anywhere near the quality of reviews that this unit has. So, that leaves me with a lemon of a washer to deal with now since Amazon won’t replace it.1) Arrived with snapped inner blade – The inner steel drum has your typical old-fashioned ‘blade’ system to clean and turn the clothes. This is what gets your clothes washed. After installing the unit, I opened it up to find the base of one of the three blade snapped off. Not only will it not effectively wash the clothes on one of the three thirds of the unit now, but it has left a sharp shard of plastic where it was cracked off that would rip holes in any clothes I wash. I have covered this shard at this point because, well, I need my clothes washed – even if only at 2/3rds its effectiveness.2) The unit does not remove water from the clothes on predetermined spin cycle. In the five loads I have washed, each has left all clothes in the load drenched in water – the equivalent of me jumping in a pool fully clothed. The spin cycle does not remove this water in its predesignated speed/length. I cannot tell whether it is the RPMs (or lack thereof) or length of spin that is causing the issue (or combination of the two), but whichever it is, it forces me to run a second spin-only cycle just to drain a little more water out.I am thoroughly disappointed in this product. I have several Haier appliances around the house and while I will never confuse them with top-of-the-line manufacturers, they always do the job. This unit has been a disaster, one that Amazon cannot rectify for me at this point.

Javier says:

Good thus far I have had this washer for about two months. It works pretty good so far. It has a lot of room to put dirty laundry in and washes it well. All the options for washing are great to choose from. The only thing that I wish was better was the amount of time it takes to wash in certain settings. As a result, I mainly use the quick cycle to wash. The normal takes about 50 minutes if I’m not mistaking.

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