LG 2.7 CF Combo Washer-Dryer in White

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LG 2.7 CF Combo Washer-Dryer in White

LG WM3455HW 2.3 Cu.Ft. Front Load Compact White Washer And Dryer Combo – WM3455WH/ 1300 RPM/ Ventless Condensing Dryer/ SenseClean/ LoDecibel Quiet Operation/ Highly Energy and Water Efficient/ 9 Washing Cycles/ 6 Drying Cycles/ 5 Temperature Levels/ LED Display/ White Finish

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Strohmian says:

Priceless for the space- deprived, “OK” for everybody else (This review is for the that I own – Amazon has not yet merged the reviews, so I’m cross-posting)QUALITYThe build quality of this washer/dryer combo is inconsistent: On the plus side, the machine is heavy enough to stay put, and the drum feels so solid that you could wash bricks in it. Giving 10 years warranty on the motor is also a nice touch. On the other side, the entire front (including the secondary “glass” and shiny bezel around it) is made of plastic, the control panel gets hot (can’t be good for the electronics), and I have observed kinks, such as a program starting in the middle maybe 1 out of 10 times, requiring an extra off/on.THE WASHERFront- loaders are only now making inroads in the US market, and if you believe “the internet”, they are magical. I can confirm at least some of the claims in this specific incarnation: First, the washer is extremely frugal with all consumables involved: I’m down to 2 tablespoons of detergent and 1 of softener with no adverse effects; water is kept no higher than a puddle at all times, and the 1 hour cold cycle runs on a measly 0.1 kWh (or 3 cents for me). Second, the machine is easy on clothes: there are Delicate and Wool modes to give you an idea, plus I have successfully cleaned neoprene wetsuits (with special detergent), which are said to be shredded by agitators.The major downside to the design is that the horizontal drum causes vibrations that many US homes cannot easily absorb. Consider my case, top floor of a pre-war walk- up, wood- based building: even on medium spin speed, the contents of the fridge next to the machine would rattle loudly, and I only saw some relief after I bought . I’m fairly content now, but I still feel the machine should have better built-in vibration reduction, especially considering that LG is the company that showed off a washer operating on 4 glasses a few years ago!THE DRYERThe dryer is the weaker part in this package. For starters, a full cycle runs for 4 hours (on top of the 1 hour wash), which makes this machine unsuitable for big family laundry days. There is no lint filter, so you’ll have to pry things out of the seal afterwards, and one low-temp cycle eats up 1.5kWh (= $0.50), somewhat negating the overall efficiency advantage. And as if all that wasn’t enough, I swear I see more wrinkles than before, with my Brooks Brothers “wrinkle free” shirts now coming out in MORE need of ironing than regular shirts!Now all that said… if you can navigate around those issues (also see TIPS below), the advantage of the combo design begine to shine: all you have to do is drop in the dirties, set the timer, go to work, and come back to a readily washed- and- dried package! I’ve gotten used to doing this during the week, and found that I have more clean clothes available than before at any time, therefore donated some, AND gotten rid of my large dirty- laundry container! That was an unexpected triple- win in the space department for me, and worth the trade- offs.OPERATIONI find this machine easy enough to use, although there is room for improvement. Basically, you go from left to right: fill in the detergents, pick a cycle (cotton is the default), pick options (extra water, etc), select a dry mode, and press play. What irks me a little is that selections cross- interfere: for example, the machine may override your just-picked spin speed when you select a dry mode. Also, some drying combinations are missing: you can do time (30, 60, 120), dryness (damp, normal, extra), or “low temp”, but no other permutations. For my wool pants or dive suits, a delicate wash cycle followed by 30 mins of low- temp drying would have been perfect, but nope….One nice feature worth mentioning: you can interrupt the program at any time, change any setting or open the door, and then resume. Even with the Extra Water option selected, nothing will pour out (like I said, frugal).NOISEThis machine is specifically marketed as quiet, an important feature when you want to sell to urbanites who perhaps plan to sneak it into their apartment (usually forbidden) . And yes, the direct- drive motor is a winner: all you get is a gentle hum at normal wash speeds. However, there are two problems (three if you count vibration, above):- The water inlet valves open/close/open/close/etc… up to six times each time water is added, and this triggered building- wide “water hammer” events in my case. I used to think that this, too, was my building’s fault, but I found that many people experience this with LG machines even in new construction. Thankfully, there is a solution to it: so- called “water hammer arresters” like…

arkadiy says:

Good for small apartments I actually have the model LG was selling before this one. The only difference is that this new one is 2.7 cu ft, while mine is 2.4.I’ve had mine for a year now. We have a small apartment, and saving space is very important for us. We used to have a stackable washer/dryer, that worked fine, but took too much space. Also, out building would not allow us to make a hole in the building wall, so we had to open the window when we used the dryer, and stick the exhaust vent through the window.When I learned about this lg machine, i was very skeptical. I read reviews that said it did not dry well, took to long to go through the cycle, wrinkled the cloth, vibrated too much, etc. Now after having this machine for a year, I can say I am quite happy. Just do your research and know the limitations of the machine and how to take care of it.It uses condensation to dry, so do not load it fully, if you want to dry the cloth.It needs HE detergent. So use HE, and use just a tiny bit – less than a table spoon.Clean the rubber gasket on the bottom – remove the lint that assembles there.If you do these simple things, it will dry cloth very well. So far, after a year of using it, I have not experienced any problems.Also, if you do not load it fully, setting the dryer to dry for an hour will often be more than enough to dry your cloth. This way you can have your cloth washed and dried in 1.5 hours – not too much worse than regular washer/dryer.Also, for the first 2-3 weeks the mchine would take a long time to balance the load during spin cycle. After a few weeks it setlled and now balances very well.Overall, if you have space, but regular washer and regular dryer. If space is limited, or you cannot have the dryer vent go through the wall, this machine will work fine.

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