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24″ Compact Washer / Dryer Combo

LG’s all-in-one washer and dryer combo does it all in just one machine. It’s great for those who want to be able to do laundry at home but do not have an external venting source which conventional dryers require. Perfect for homes, apartments, businesses and vacation homes where space is valuable.

Product Features

  • Flexibility of Wash & Dry/ Wash Only/ Dry only – in ONE MACHINE
  • Ventless Condensing Drying System
  • 2.7 cuft Capacity
  • 1300 RPM Spin Speed
  • Electical – 110 Volt / 15 AMP

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itsnickers says:

Awesome This washer/dryer combo is absolutely awesome. Now with that said, if you have a large family or wash very large loads everyday, this might not be the unit for you. This machine has a timer as well; so set it and leave and your laundry will be ready when you are. It is compact and good looking as well. We have had ours for over 4 years and work it beyond its capacity and it never fails and has been an incredible appliance. It has also been VERY easy on our clothes as there is not direct heat. Clothes last longer.

mp is says:

after 8 months the clothes stop getting dry! There are some limitations to this machine, like it takes a long time to run and you can not run the dryer independently. But we knew that before we bought it. But then after about 8 months, the clothes just stopped getting dry! We searched the internet and found this link [...] Essentially, there is a design flaw that lint collects inside the machine, that requires a maintenance person to come and get it out. The first time is usually covered under warranty. After that, you are on your own!I am kind of mad right now, and wondering whether I should give just one star, but apparently this is a design flaw that everyone has to deal with which makes me mad. If it were not for this design flaw, I would say I would give it a positive rating – as an apartment dweller in NYC it is compact, quiet, and efficient (until it stopped drying the clothes).

S. Lee says:

Wrinkles, wrinkles and more wrinkles. (Did I mention wrinkles?) Wrinkles badly! I’m a guy, and generally don’t care much about a few wrinkles. But we find this machine unacceptable. I really wanted to like this machine, too- thought it would be perfect for our needs.We bought this combo unit to put in our dental office to wash our poly/cotton smocks. We’ve washed them at home for the last 15 years and never had a wrinkling problem, even washing 16-20 at a time. (My home washer is 3.1 cu. ft. capacity, so not much bigger than this machine, but to be fair our dryer has a much bigger capacity.) The washer part of this LG unit works great. But no matter how we set up the dryer, our smocks wrinkled unacceptably. We tried every setting there is. We tried drying 3 smocks at a time. We tried adding a small towel to the smocks. We tried with and without fabric softener. We washed on permanent press and tried lower spin speeds. We tried pulling the smocks out and shaking them before drying. We tried stopping the machine as soon as it said “CD”. We tried letting them go until it beeped after 4 hours. Of course some of the settings and methods caused less wrinkling than others, but all of them were worse than hang drying. And even hang drying them leaves more wrinkles than my unsophisticated male taste would like.I called LG- they sent a service person out who told me that the unit is working fine and the wrinkling is what you get with condensation drying in a relatively small drum. AC won’t take the unit back or exchange it since it is not “defective”. LG won’t take it back. We’re stuck with a very expensive washing machine. Bottom line is- if you don’t mind really wrinkled clothes, or if you don’t mind ironing, then this is a good little space saving unit, especially if you don’t have a dryer vent. But if you want clothes that aren’t so wrinkled that even a guy would notice, then look elsewhere. (BTW- if you want just a washer, LG makes the same unit without the dryer for $600 less. I would recommend that if you need a washer and have space issues.)

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