Miele T8013C 24 Ventless Electric Condenser Dryer – White

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Miele T8013C 24 Ventless Electric Condenser Dryer – White

Stainless Steel Honeycomb™ Drum – Forged from the very best stainless steel with a unique convex pattern that resembles a honeycomb, the HoneycombTM drum enhances both cleaning performance and reduces fabric wear.Advanced Touchtronic ControlsCondensor Container (click for details)Fault Indicators – the smart Novotronic controls continuously monitor both the intake lines and drain lines. The indicator lights will advise you if a problem is detected.PC Update Function – you can now keep up with technological advances. For example, using a laptop computer, a Miele technician can alter a machine’s programming parameters to reduce its water intake or electricity consumption or even adapt it to a new type of detergent.Miele Interior Light (click for details)220 voltsChild lock featureSelf-diagnosticsOptional laundry stand available (see below)Drying Programs2 Moisture-based, standard drying programs4 Moisture-based, specialty drying programs2 timed, drying programsTurbo drying optionFull l

Product Features

  • Electric dryer
  • Stainless steel Honeycomb TM drum
  • Condenser model
  • Advanced Touchtronic Controls
  • Condenser container

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Hideki Uchida says:

Excellent, but costly I recently moved to a new house where venting the dryer is not possible. I explored a number of options including using something called a lint trap, but decided on a condensing dryer. Once this decision was made, the next decision was which dryer to purchase. I looked at the reviews of the popular condensing dryers on the market, and found that the Miele was the only one which received consistently great reviews. I purchased the Miele washer and dryer with the stacking option. The cost for both units together with the installation fees came to a little more than $4,400.I washed and dried six loads the first day I received the units. The washer is super quiet and smooth. The same is true with the dryer. The spin cycle on the washer is fantastic. The clothes came out of the washer so dry that I didn’t think there was much work left for the dryer. It took more than an hour for the dryer to finish processing one load of wash. The sensor inside the dryer did a great job of making sure the wash was dry. The room where the washer/dryer is located remained cool, there was little or no lint, and the reservoir for the excess water was dry.The cost of the washer and dryer is very high, but both units are fantastic.

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