PETRA 90-2028 10-Foot 4-Wire Dryer Cord

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PETRA 90-2028 10-Foot 4-Wire Dryer Cord

Closed Eyelet. 30A. Bulk packed. UL listed & ISO 9002 certified. 10 ft. 250V. 1/12

Product Features

  • Closed Eyelet
  • 30A
  • Bulk Packed
  • Iso 9002 Certified
  • 10 Ft

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Del Mack "Del" says:

Petra 90-2028 4-Wire Dryer Cords – 30A This cord was a godsend. There were none available in our entire city that were over 6 ft. long. The cord is very well made and performs wonderfully. They need to market it to all the appliance shops so that they will stock this item.

fjh "joe" says:

Works like a charm It’s difficult to find anything longer than the standard 6 ft dryer cord in any of the big box stores. It is even more difficult to find the four-wire version required in manufactured homes. This arrived ahead of schedule and was as described online. I am happy and my stacked washer/dryer is now against the wall where it belongs and not sitting in the middle of the utility room where Sears left it because they couldn’t come up with a cord long enough.

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