Speed Queen AWN412S 26 Top-Load Washer 3.3 cu. ft. Capacity

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Speed Queen AWN412S 26 Top-Load Washer 3.3 cu. ft. Capacity

Speed Queen top load washers fit the needs of any household Speed Queen top load washers deliver utility-saving features and user-friendly controls along with Speed Queens famous durability Speed Queen brings commercial quality into your home to deli…

Product Features

  • Automatic Balancing System
  • Bleach Dispenser
  • Fabric Softener Dispenser
  • Fill Hoses Included
  • Porcelain Steel Outer Draintub

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Cleon Phillips says:

Dr. of Humane Letters Speed Queen AWN432 I wanted a washer that actually clean clothes and is gentle on them at the same time. Our water is hard and the fancy front loaders that are so “green” cannot get the clothes clean. On the advice from a friend I purchased this machine. It is truly “old school” without a lot of fancybells and lights. It is the best washer I have ever had. Perfect in every way. If you have problems with the “New”fancy machine that does not do the job very well this is the machine for you.

Michael F. Wright says:

We ditched the front loaders for a real washer and dryer We had the front loaders from LG, steam model, and do not miss them one bit. My wife went out of town for a week, June 09, and I was in charge. About the third day of laundry, long story but we had been remodeling and I figured it was a good time to do a top to bottom house cleaning. Well, after many loads in the LGs I threw the towel in. I called my local family appliance store in Chelsea Mi and asked them what they recommended in regards to a new washer and new electric dryer as I had had it with the front loaders. He told me the Speed Queens are the way to go, and no, he did not sell me the LGs. I asked about colors… He said, “Sure, you can have any color you want as long as it is white”. I told him on the phone that I will take them and asked if he could deliver them tomorrow. The next day I was redoing laundry! And the LGs were sold in a day or two on Craigs List, paying for our new Speed Queens.Now that we have the Speed Queen washer AWN412, and matching electric dryer ADE3LR, our clothes are now clean and smell fresh. And from many months of usage I would say that the Speed Queens actually use less energy. A typical load of wash in the front loader took near an hour to complete, and then near an hour to get them dry. Sure you may use less water with the front loaders, but we can now do a load of clothes and dry them in an hour, saving time and energy. And again, our clothes and towels are so so much cleaner and that musty front loader smell is now history.Oh, my wife loves them too, turns out she hated the front loaders as much as I did!

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