Summit Appliance AWD129 Front Loading 24-Inch Washer And Dryer Combo – Platinum Finish

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Summit Appliance AWD129 Front Loading 24-Inch Washer And Dryer Combo – Platinum Finish

Made in Italy by Ariston for us, the AWD129 is an energy efficient 1200 rpm washer/dryer combination that offers the highest level of fabric care for your clothes. The unique platinum finish adds modern style that fits well in any home.
Designed for non-vented use, this slim-fitting model is under 24 inches wide and just 33 ½ inches high to fit under standard counters as a stand alone or built-in unit. Special sound-absorbing materials ensure whisper quiet operation every cycle.
Advanced controls makes washing simple, with a selection of multiple temperatures and 9 wash settings to get you the perfect treatment for each load. Options include a 12 hour delay timer, stain removal, extra rinse, speed control, and pre-wash settings, as well as a convenient easy-iron setting for drying.
Our finest washer/dryer combo has the capacity to wash up to 12 pounds of fabric and dry up to 8 pounds in a solid and elegant stainless steel drum. Front-loading for efficiency and convenience, the AWD129 does everything but fold.

Product Features

  • Energy efficient design
  • A generous choice of wash cycles to give your clothes the most appropriate cleaning
  • Durable stainless steel drum handles fabric with care
  • Perfectly sized to fit under counters and in tight 24 inch spaces
  • Unique platinum finish adds modern style

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Anonymous says:

i was expecting a washer and dryer two machines. it came described by the shippers as a beer cooler in one box. because i refused the shipment as not what i ordered, the store Focus electronics charged me the shipping both ways. i was cheated out of $525.00 by the merchant and the Amazon a-z guarantee claim failed to give me any support. this machine has a 110 electric cord so it has to be an energy hog, the condensation dryer does not get the clothes dry by all reviews.

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