The Laundry POD, Green

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The Laundry POD, Green

Inventor’s Note:

As a mother of two teenagers who are constantly on the move between basketball and football practice there are always uniforms that need last minute washing. It was a waste of water, electricity, and money to run a full size washer for small loads. With my experience in the laundry industry it was obvious there was a better way to wash those in-between loads. The Laundry POD, inspired by salads spinners, uses less than 3 gallons of water and zero electricity. The Laundry POD takes up very little space and is perfect for dorms. I was so pleased that I was able to bring my idea to fruition. Now I never waste any water on unnecessary loads of laundry. When my kids go to college at least I know they will have clean clothes. I hope that this invention makes a difference to people all over the world.

The Laundry POD

The Laundry POD is a portable washer designed for washing small loads of laundry using a minimal amount of water and ZERO electricity. Winner of the Best Greener Gadget award and Top Global Innovation GIA award! The Laundry POD features a manually operated spinning system for washing your garments and then extracting the water for the shortest drying time. It is more convenient than hand washing, and great for washing delicates. Compact enough to be portable, but serious enough to stand up to tough laundry challenges. The Laundry POD is perfect for dorms, apartments, camping or anyone looking to add a little green to their laundry routine. Save money, time and effort while helping the impact. It fits under your sink and into your life indoors and outdoors. The Laundry POD puts a whole new spin on clean.

Laundry pod x-ray

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An Engineered Product Easy to Use

Since the washboard very few advances have been in non-electronic washing. Now there is The Laundry POD, a non-electric portable washer. The Laundry POD replicates the regular washing cycle of a conventional washer, but gentler. The Laundry POD is designed specifically for small loads and delicates. The rotation of the internal basket helps to cause agitation with the clothes to get them clean. The Laundry POD uses centrifugal force to extract most of the water during the drying cycle. The Laundry POD is made just for you. Put a new spin on laundry with The Laundry POD.

Compact and Portable

The Laundry POD is a portable and simple way to do laundry on the go. The Laundry POD does not require electricity or any kind of motor. In addition The Laundry POD requires very little water. It is perfect for the world traveler or the constant camper.

Faster Than Hand Washing

Hand washing one item of clothing can be a lot of work. The Laundry POD is an easier way to get your clothes clean. The Laundry POD is better for delicates than hand washing. After completing the drying cycle your clothes don’t need any wringing out because most of the water has been removed from the clothes. A few simple rotations of the handle and your clothes are clean. The Laundry POD uses a system making washing faster and more effective, yet gentle enough for delicates.

Save Time and Money

Conventional washers are not only a drain on your wallet, but also on your time. A conventional washer costs hundreds of dollars a year to run. Each load uses about 40 gallons of water. The cost to do laundry at a Laundromat can be even more expensive. Save money and time with The Laundry POD, the washer.

Washing System

Conventional washers use a lot of electricity and up to 40 gallons of water with each load. The Laundry POD uses less than 3 gallons of the water and zero electricity. Using less water and no electricity can help to minimize your lasting impact on the Earth. Not only good for your wallet, but good for the planet too.

Product Features

  • The Laundry POD is an washing system, using a fraction of the water consumed by a standard washing machine and zero electricity
  • It’s compact and portable making it perfect for apartments, camping, college, boating, RVing, and anywhere space is tight
  • Gentle wash and extract cycles are ideal for “hand-washing” delicates
  • Easy to use spinning, washing and draining system can clean clothes in less than 10 minutes
  • With no electricity or quarters needed, The Laundry POD saves you money as well as time
How does it work?

The Laundry POD is a portable alternative to conventional washers. First you fill The POD with 4-6 liters of water and just a tablespoon of your favorite detergent. We suggest that an detergent. Next you place up to 10 garments in the basket. Now you let the garments soak for a couple of minutes. Once you’ve placed your clothes into The Laundry POD it’s a simple process. Now that all the washing materials are in The POD you just make a few simple rotations of the handle. Just a minute is all it takes to get your clothes clean. The rotation causes agitation and enables the clothes to be scrubbed and cleaned. Drain the water by opening the valve and rotating the handle to extract the dirty water. It’s time for the rinse cycle, just put some clean water in The POD and rotate the handle. Now the clothes are done being cleaned and are ready to be dried. All you have to do is open the valve on the bottom and place the draining tube into the sink. Now rotate the handle again and this will extract most of the water. The spinning will remove the water from the clothing using centrifugal force. The Laundry POD is equipped with easy spinning gears, so doing laundry is simple. The rest of the water will be removed when the clothes are hung up to dry completely.


Product Features

  • The Laundry POD an Washing Device
  • Measures 14.45×14.02×13.55;
  • Easy to use spinning, washing and draining system, clean clothes in less than 10 minutes!
  • All you need is fill it about 6 Liters of water and 1.5 teaspoon of laundry detergent
  • Portable for Camping, College, Boating, RVing, Apartments and more.

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MHattori says:

DOES THE JOB! My husband and I bought this because we are not allowed to have a laundry machine in our apt. The information from the first review was very helpful. Here are a few other things I would add:- I put the machine on a small folding table inside the shower. That way the machine is at the right height for drainage and I am at a good level for turning the handle. Also, if I accidentally forget to close the laundry pod drain the water will pour out into the shower instead of on my floor. :-) - When washing, first I put a small amount of detergent in a large plastic pitcher (i got mine from a dollar store). Then I fill up the pitcher with water from the shower head. It takes about 2-3 fillings for the water to reach an appropriate level. **** If my shower head was the extendable kind, I wouldn’t need the water pitcher. I could just bring the shower head to the laundry pod.- The laundry pod has a very small inner drain. Soap suds will not completely drain out without a little extra help. So before I rinse, I like to remove the inner basket, and pour water into the pod until the suds are completely gone. This requires a little patience. Then I put back the basket, pour in more water, and rinse.- As mentioned in the previous review, I would highly recommend soaking whites and heavily soiled clothes overnight with oxyclean or your detergent of choice. I use oxyclean and vinegar to get my clothes white.- I’ve never been able to get my heavy cotton clothes completely dripless no matter how fast I turn the handle during the spin cycle. Those clothes always need an extra hand ring after spinning.- It’s best to wash small load every other day. That way the laundry load doesn’t become overwhelming.In summary, the laundry pod isn’t perfect but it is a nice to have if you don’t own your own washer. The key is to find the right place to use it in your home. I’ve tried the kitchen counter and inside the bathtub. But the folding table in shower method works the best for me. And when I’m done, I put the both the pod and table in the bathroom closet.Hope my review helped.

Joey says:

Decent DIY laundry machine I just noticed that the price has gone up from $85 to $95 in the last week (I purchased it when it was $85 earlier this week, and I’ve already used in twice within 24 hours).Here’s how this giant salad spinner works:-Put some water and detergent in the pod, throw your clothes in and let it soak.Couple of things to note:1) A little bit of detergent goes a long way. Accidentally use too much and you will be rinsing for a while.2) How long you let the clothes soak will be dependent on how soiled they are.-Spin for a couple of minutes, drain, refill with fresh water, spin, drain.Pretty simple concept, overall, I’m pretty happy with it. It should save me a lot in laundry costs (my apartment complex charges $1.75 to wash and $1.75 to dry). I think for $85 (or $95), it could be a bit overpriced, but it’s still a good investment.On the con side, you WILL have to wring your clothes out a bit; I know the instructions say the water will be removed by centrifugal force, but they will still be pretty damp when you finish, so before you hang them up, wring them out.I’d say it’s worth it if you are in a situation where you are paying to do laundry at a laundromat. If you can stay on top of it (do laundry every 2-4 days), this will be a great investment for you.

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