Whirlpool LTE5243DQ 24-Inch Thin-Twin Stacked Washer/Dryer Electric Laundry Center

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Whirlpool LTE5243DQ 24-Inch Thin-Twin Stacked Washer/Dryer Electric Laundry Center

The Whirlpool 5 Cycle Large Capacity Washer with Electric Dryer is the perfect solution for a small laundry space. This washer/dryer set fits in small spaces and provides all of the great cleaning and fabric care you expect from a standard machine. The washer features a 1.5 cu. ft. capacity, spreckle porcelain basket, 5 automatic cycles, 4 wash/rinse temperature combinations, 5 wash/spin speed combinations, 3 water level selections, easy-to-clean lint filter, and ToughTop II top and lid finish. The dryer features 5 cycles, 4 temperature selections, side-swing door, end-of-cycle signal, and automatic Dry-Miser control.

Product Features

  • Stacked electric washer/dryer laundry center for small spaces
  • 1-1/2-cubic-foot washer with 5 cycles and a 1/2-HP motor
  • 3-2/5-cubic-foot dryer provides 5 cycles and a 1/4-HP motor
  • Surgilator agitator; stepped-down agitation speeds; quiet operation
  • Measures 27-1/4 by 24 by 71-3/4 inches; 1-year limited warranty

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Gregory L "Gregory L" says:

Serious Design Flaw As one of the other reviewers noted, the washer drum jumps off the hydraulics regularly.We put one of these in one our apartments. It worked well for about a year and then headed south.I watched as a repairman opened it. The washer drum is held up by three struts/shock absorbers that sit in these slightly cupped supports. If the wash isn’t perfectly balanced (and how could any be that way), it jumps off the strut.Great size. Not at all built to last.

New York City says:

contrary to others, it’s very good, not great Over 20 years I have had two of these, because it is the only stackable that fit in the space. I bought a new version about ten years ago thinking that newer would be improved, it wasn’t–but that is fine, it didn’t need improvement. It is a great little workhorse.The good news is that it is quick, thorough, dryer is fine, and my housekeeper has always put in ridiculous amounts of laundry–with two boys and a husband who all play sports. The machine works constantly in our house. In fact, the machine can take lots of laundry, like all the bedding of a queen bed plus some hand towels and undergarments, and wash well, but it is the rinsing that isn’t thorough when the drum is that full. It does if you put very, very little soap–and if one has been reading about washing machines, it turns out that it is the rotating action that actually cleans the clothes, not the soap beyond a minimal amount.The dryer too, is great–contrary to some complaints.The negative is that indeed it does go off balance, frankly more so with fewer items that are in the tub, especially if they are heavy. And I also agree that the cover does rust in the corners after 10 years. Not noticeable when closed, and barely noticeable when open. I thought it was just ours because it is in a closet, so not a lot of air ventilation.Lastly, and no one mentioned this, but I do find the dryer creates a lot of lint. It is important to clean the filter every second or third time–otherwise it gets completely blocked for letting air vent out. Perhaps that is why some people complain about the dryer taking a long time. With a clean lint filter it seems to work well.I would recommend this, but am currently investigating the GE 24″.The best feature about this washing machine is that one can do laundry quickly. A whole wash cycle can be less than 25 mins. With a lot of laundry to do, that is a HUGE benefit, unlike my friends who have the European Miele and Bosch, and the currently popular front loaders–all of which take FOREVER.Conclusion, this little stackable has been a stable machine that I like a lot and it is not so expensive.

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