Whirlpool Washer WTW8800YC

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Whirlpool Washer WTW8800YC

  • Clean Care cycle: Provides the best care for your clothes1, using adaptive wash actions together with a concentrated solution of HE detergent and cold water to gently lift stains and soils from fabrics leaving your clothes looking newer longer.. The use of cold water to wash like a warm water cycle protects fabrics from heat damage and uses less energy.*
  • 4.6 cu. ft. capacity: Wash up to 3 baskets of laundry in a single load. The 4.6 cu. ft. capacity wash basket adapts to both large and small loads for optimal fabric care.
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified: Meets government standards to help conserve natural resources and save money on utility bills.
  • Eco Monitor: The Eco Monitor allows you to see the eco-friendliness of each cycle or option you choose. The display rates energy use to show your overall eco-performance.
  • EcoBoost option: Get additional energy efficiency without giving up cleaning performance. This option lowers a wash cycle’s overall energy use by reduci

    Product Features

    • NSF Certified Sanitary With Oxi Cycle
    • Precision Dispense Plus
    • ENERGY STAR Qualified
    • Dimenisons (WHD) 27 9/16 X 45 1/8 X 27 5/8

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Crabigail Cassidy "Crabby Abby" says:

Very Nice Top Loader This machine was purchased in the past year. My 18 year old Maytag finally pooped out and I decided that it made more sense to buy a new machine as opposed to a costly repair based on the Maytag’s advanced age. I also bought the companion dryer in the same color which is a silvery gray. I chose this model because it seemed more substantial than the other sets that had similar featuresI specifically bought a top loader because I have a front loader in my other house. While the front loader performs fine, it has a slightly smaller capacity and once you start it you cannot interrupt the cycle to add more clothing items should you forget things.This washing machine is attractive and it mimics the stainless appliances in the adjacent kitchen. It has a glass lid which makes watching the wash cycles easier and it has a stainless steel tub. It has a variety of washing options and temperatures, generous capacity to accomodate a lot of dirty clothes when my son visits, nice dispensers for soap, fabric softener, and laundry additives, and it doesn’t have an agitator for clothes to get snagged on. Ultimately, it can be tough on stains but kind to garments. It also handles the big jobs as well as the little ones for small families and empty nesters and saves on energy and water. It also does a much better job of spinning clothes dry. I have found that my drying times have been cut down between 30 and 40% on average.The major drawbacks are the hefty price point and all the electronic components that have the potential to circuit out.I am pleased with this machine and it’s ability to clean clothes thoroughly. No problems at this point to report. It does a good job, saves energy, and my water bill has been reduced substantially. It should be noted that you should use an HE detergent which is very low sudsing. This machine uses far less water than my old top loader. It is also recommended that you use a washing machine cleaner once a month such as Affresh to eliminate bad odors. I do not close the lid on my machine except when in use and have not experienced any problems of that nature.I bought an extended warranty as a precaution, but as is often the case nothing will probably go wrong until the day after the service

Rocklicker "Rocklicker" says:

JUNK It doesn’t clean clothes at all. I washed a shirt that I was wearing when I got a haircut and it had as much hair on it at the end of the cycle as it did when I started it. My jeans that I get dirt and grime on look like they were just folded back up and put back in my closet without washing them. To top it off, the plastic frame that holds the glass lid in place has cracked and the lid will not shut enough to get the machine to begin a load unless I put something heavy on top of the lid. DO NOT BUY THIS WASH MACHINE! IT IS A WORTHLESS PIECE OF JUNK!!!!!!!!!!

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