Wire Vulcano Dryer Laundry Rack

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Wire Vulcano Dryer Laundry Rack

Never run out of room for air-drying with this Vulcano laundry rack from Wire World. Drying rack combines generous easy-access drying space with valuable space efficiency. Drying wings adjust up or down for flat drying or for hanging items. The adjustable wings allow less or more space depending on what you need. White. Dimensions 21-1/2-inch depth by 71-inch width by 39-1/4-inch height.

Product Features

  • Durable polyethylene finish will not chip or rust
  • Heavy gauge welded steel construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Plastic leg caps protect floors
  • Dimensions 21-1/2-inch depth by 71-inch width by 39-1/4-inch height

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nina says:

Great! Sturdy, stable and with lots of lines. Worth the money absolutely. I come from Europe and used to use one of these for all the clothes. I love to use it here too, but I use the dryer sometime. It fits in small space too, but I have lots of space and use it completely open …I love that drying racks are so Eco-friendly! Do you really need a dryer for everything?…I started using it from the first day and I am very happy with it…I have searched for this model for very long time, and finally found it – this is the one with the most lines and good price.

katjoeus says:

The best for hang-drying laundry I cannot believe they don’t sell these anywhere in the shops – in Europe, we use these all the time! They are so much better than those weird tall ones that don’t make any sense since you can’t really spread your laundry items (hanging stuff on top of each other is really not the cleverest idea!!).It’s such a simple idea, too, but sometimes those are the best :-) Would definitely recommend. Also helps to cut down (or, in most cases, eliminate) dryer time and helps save energy. Thanks, Amazon, for selling these!!!

NYker says:

High Marks for Vulcano Clothes Rack for drying clothes I use the Wire World Vulcano Dryer in my basement laundry room. I was looking for a drying rack like this and was happy to find this item on Amazon at a great price. It can be used to hang many small items such as socks as well as to lay sweaters out flat for drying. It is tall enough to hang shirts off of from hangers. I like the height of the rack – I do not need to bend down to hang up the laundry. There are sufficient rungs to hang my 6-member family’s laundry. We save money by not having to put our weekly laundry into the gas dryer. It is very convenient to use and is collapsible so it can be stored flat against the wall to save space (or when company is coming). Highly recommended!

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