Wonder Washer

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Wonder Washer

No washing machine? Use Wonder Washer. BIG BUCKS OFF! No more quarters! Just plug it in, fill with laundry, add soap and water and close the lid. Swish, swish… things are better already! Won’t wash as much as at laundromat, but it’ll get a load of socks and underwear fresh and clean fast. Holds 7 liters (1 3/4 gal.). Great for dorms, apartments, boats and RVs. Quiet and super-portable at under 9 lbs. 13×18 1/4″h. Weighs 8 lbs., 6 ozs. Don’t risk an underwear crisis! Order Now! Wonder Washer

Product Features

  • Portable washing machine goes anywhere
  • Ideal for small loads and delicates
  • No plumbing needed; Just fill with water and set timer
  • Seven liter capacity, weighs only eight pounds

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byzar says:

Good for apartment living I bought this to alleviate the amount of laundry I need to lug out into the street. It is good for maintaining in-between laundry and not to be used as a subsitute for a big machine. I use it to wash my daily wear like tank tops, shorts, personal items and delicates. It can wash up to about three to four women’s sized tank tops maximum. Its good for baby clothes.How it works:-Pour water into bucket, put in clothes and detergent, not to exceed the capacity line inside the bucket. (7L for small loads, 10L for bigger loads)-Lock on top lid-Place bucket on the motorized base (similar structure to a blender)-Plug in cord and select cycle (standard or delicates) and amount of time from selection: 3,6,9,12, or 15 minutes-Let machine wash. There’s a really flat agitator on the inside bottom of bucket that turns clockwise for a few seconds, pauses, and then turns counterclockwise and keeps going in this cycle until the timer is up.Here’s the bad part, there’s no rinse cycle since there is no plumbing so you have to pour the water out. I don’t reccommend pouring it through the holes on the lid (see picture) because the lid does not lock on tightly and the plastic although thick, is still cheaply made. So just remove the cap, take the clothes out, put in a basin and rinse the detergent off in a sink. Unplug, then remove bucket and pour water out. While the rinsing is annoying, I would pick this anyday over lugging my laundry in the street. And it’s just rinsing that you have to do, which is easy compared to handwashing.Pros:-Can wash small daily items/delicates-Cuts down trips to the laundromat-Saves money-Do laundry in privacy of your own home-No plumbing required-AffordableCons:-Made of cheap looking plastic so be careful not to bang it up-Top lid does not lock on tight-No rinse cycle, you need to rinse yourself-Design is not that sleek/attractiveTips:-Wait for clothes to presoak in the detergent before turning on the timer-Wash light and dark colors seperately-Do not wash wools as it will shed little pieces that can clog the agitator-Reuse the soapy water for a second load-Buy a fold out dryer (I reccomend Polder’s chrome dryer)It sounds like a hassle to use this but I’ve done my research thoroughly on small washers and this was a good choice for me living in a small walk up apartment. I really didn’t want to buy one that required plumbing since they are problematic to hook up, take apart and store, plus I’m sure my landlord would not allow that. When I do three loads here, it is equal to one load at the laundromat. I air dry it, so I end up saving money. I figure it will pay for itself in a few months.

L. Oneal says:

Paid for itself in 2 months. I have been using the Wonder Washer for several months. Before I was going to the laundry-mat every week and spending about $10 each week. Now I only go once every 4 to 6 weeks to wash the larger items. This machine paid for itself in about 2 months. The loads are small, only 2 blouses at a time (maybe 3 if they are very light weight). I tried washing 3 medium weight blouses and the machine started moving all over the counter and was having trouble swirling the clothes. The knobs are hard to turn (only about 1.5 inches in diameter) and lifting the wash-tub (the manufacture calls it a bucket) on & off the base-unit takes some doing as it is heavy when full of water (total weight approximately that of a 3 gallons bottle of water). The machine washes by spinning the clothes one directions for a few seconds and then the other direction a few seconds back and forth for the duration of time you selected. A little like the front-load washers, only this machine spins the clothes clock-wise and counter-clock-wise. It only washes, you must raise the soap out by hand as well as ring-out the wet clothes and hang to dry. The size of the machine is about 20 inches tall and 14 inches across. If I could suggest improvements they would be: 1. Larger knobs with deeper indentations making them easier to turn, 2. A drainage spout on the side so that after washing the water could drain out into the sink. Lifting the wash-tub full of water and wet clothes of the base-unit and turning the whole thing upside-down to grain the water out is the thing I like the least. Overall, I am happy with my purchase. It gets my clothes clean and it saves me time & money. This was a good investment!

M. Calingo says:

No more early waking up and lagging heavy loads to Laundromat This product is heaven sent.Prior to finding this product, I had to drag myself every three weeks out of bed at 5.30 in the morning just so I could eliminate the waiting time for washing machine availability in the Laundromat in our area. On top of that, I had to lag a heavy load of clothes.With Wonder Washer, my clothes don’t pile up anymore. In fact, I now find my hamper empty most of the time as I now wash my day’s clothes after use at night. People might think it’s a waste of time. For me, it’s not. As my clothes wash, I can do other things. It has timer, loud enough to indicate when the washing ends. I don’t mind replacing the water used for washing with clean water for rinsing… No big deal.One load allows me to wash a day’s clothes — pants, shirt, underwear, socks. Amazingly, it also can wash my twin bedsheet, which has completely eliminated my need to go to the Laundromat… though I have yet to try washing my bath towels.I highly recommend this to single people with small-sized clothes. It can wash more than one thinks it can. It’s a big help, especially during winter season.

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